Blockhead live 2012

So, a common question people ask me at shows is “Hey, are you gonna upload this set anywhere?” To which I typically respond “Nope” cause, in 2017, my live show is really one of the last ways I can rely on making money as a musician. So, you know, I gotta keep my shows exclusive so people have a reason to come see me play. It may be flawed logic but I’ve always ran with that. Welllllll…Perhaps I’m getting softer in my old age but I figured I change my ways…kinda. I happened upon a recording of an old set of mine. I don’t know where it was from and the only clue was “2012”. It’s a little under an hour but it gives you an idea of what I typically do live. Mixing and matching parts of all my records, as well as throwing in stuff from all over. Soul, hip hop, even country music. Nothing is out of bounds. I’ll also add that the levels and quality of the mix aren’t perfect (I didn’t record it so I didn’t get to fine tune any aspect of any of how it sounds). So keep that in mind if the levels seem iffy at times.
So, yeah, this ones for all the people who’ve been asking over the years. My hope is that you’ll hear this, think it’s cool and come see me do it lives sometime. So, lemme roll these dice right quick…


A few years back, I did a mix in honor of Independence day. It was basically collection of songs with the word “freedom” or “America” in them. Well, this is that exact same thing, only updated. I added a few songs, took off a few and figured, hey, who hates free music? Jerks, that’s who.
This is a mix you can play at your July 4th BBQ just as easily as you could play it at your anti-America hate rally. It could really go both ways.
So, happy 4th of July, or not. I don’t give a shit. I’m not a particularly patriotic. In fact, if NYC could succeed for the the country, I’d be 100% with it. But i digress…This is about the free music. This mix is all over the map, genre wise so , hopefully, there is a little something for everyone. Enjoy!
(sidenote: there is a chance “Freedom street” and “United states of whatever” might be corrupted due to an old hard drive crash I had. If that’s the case, my apologies. They’re not dangerous files, they just won’t play. whatever the case, the rest of the songs definitely work and it’s still some free music, guys)
Screen shot 2014-07-04 at 10.10.04 AM
Download link here!

It’s so cold out, I made a mix

I don’t know where you live but if you’re anywhere near the northeast coast of North America right now, you’re probably wearing long johns and hating life. It’s frigid out and has been for over a week. I’m fairly certain it’s not just us (screw you Australia!). My house is struggling. My heat is week and I’ve slept in a sweater and sweatpants under two comforters the last three nights. In honor of this occasion, I put together a compilation of songs that one could listen to while sitting inside , feeling miserable about the weather , possibly wrapped up in a blanket. Mostly mellow, mostly depressing, these songs can incapsulate the feeling of never wanting to leave your bed.
Over the years, I’ve given away a lot of these types of mixes so, let it be known, there’s a good chance a bunch of these songs are songs I’ve uploaded before. For that, I’m sorry. But, also, it’s free so go fuck yourself. I can’t possible keep track of that kinda stuff. This blog is 4 years old now. It’s got a mind of it’s own.
So, for the rest of you, enjoy these songs. It’s a mix of soul, jazz and a few more random genres thrown in for good measure. There’s even a Bruce Springsteen song on there for christ sake and I don’t even like “The boss”. So, have at it and,most of all, stay warm.

Download here!
1)Colours: Donovan
2)If you let me: Eddie Kendrick
3)I’ll take care of you: Bobby “blue” Bland
4)Help the poor: BB King
5)In the rain: The dramatics
6)Paper Tiger: Beck
7)Soul Lament: Kenny Burrell
8)Spaced Cowboy: Sly and the family stone
9)Winter in America: Gil Scott Heron
10)Young Liars:Tv on the Radio
11)Coffee Cold: Galt Macdermot
12)I cry in the morning: Dennis Olivieri
13)State Trooper: Bruce Springsteen
14)Yesterday is here: Tom Waits
15)You are mine: Eddie Ray
16)Celestial Blues: Andy Bey
17)Free Ride: Nick Drake
18)The time for us: Joe Pass
19)High Street: Magic Carpet
20)Star Children: The mighty RIders
21)The evening news: Cee-lo
22)California Dreaming: Lee Moses
23)Down by the river: buddy Miles
24)Don’t know why: O.V. Wright
25)Isn’t it a pity: The three Degrees
26)Man oh man: The Impressions

So many remixes…More gifts.

I don’t know what it is about this new year that’s got me in the giving mood. Yesterday was an old Aesop demo and today, I give you this…a 20 track compilation of remixes I’ve done over the years. Some are rappers, some are singers and some are old soul songs I felt like putting a new spin on. As a thank you to all my readers and supporters , I give you this. Hopefully , there will be songs you’ve never heard or have been looking for. Enjoy!

Blockhead Remixes galore!
1)Bring it on: Organized Konfusion
2)A dream: Donny Hathaway
3)Footdown: Del the funkee Homosapian
4)Nobody’s fault: Nina Simone
5)Paper Float: Cassettes Won’t Listen
6)69 Guns: Rival Schools
7)Baking Soda:Hangar 18
8)Benjiman segal: Nacho Picasso
9)DMCA: Billy Woods
10)Black Arc: Armand Hammer
11)Go there: Chin Chin
12)Hot Knife: Fiona Apple
13)Limelighters: Aesop Feat. Camp Lo
14)Look Alive: Despot
15)Lord knows: Double AB Feat Roc Marciano
16)Meter Feeder: Hail Mary Mallon
17)New folk songs for new buildings:Freshkills
18)Omega 3: Cult favorite Feat Billy Woods
19)Radio dial: PRemRock & Willie green
20)Tinsletown: Billy Woods Feat Marq Spekt and LoDeck

My old hip hop 12’s in the form of a compilation vol. 2

As grinchy as I can be, there is still a part of me that is willing to give a little during this holiday time. A few weeks back I posted a compilation of songs I had on vinyl from the 90’s era of indie hip hop. Most were rare, some were just great songs. Here’s a link to that:
Here is the second , and final, volume. I wish I could make more but, to be honest, my hard drive crapping out a few years back lost a ton of these and most of the actual vinyl is packed away. So, this will have to do. Lucky for you guys, this one got bangers (not to be confused with “Bangerz”). This one goes back further than the previous as the Master Ace and Frescho songs date back to the early/mid 90’s. If you’re a hip hop nerd, this will be your shit. I promise.
Enjoy and merry fucking christmas or whatever.
1)No time to Chill: Labtekwon
3)I’m rhymin’: Mr Complex
4)Day one: D.I.T.C
5)Hot: John Forte
6)Pushin’ Orbits: Sub Con
7)Ig’nant: Al Shid
8)Rollin’:Saukrates Feat Masta Ace and O.C.
9)The music of business: Ras Kass
10)The Session:The Arsonists
11)Sippin’ Brandy: King Sun
12)Sunroof top: Pace won
13)Go where I send the: Master Ace feat. Eyce U rock
14)Cranium: Gauge
15)Planet Brooklyn: Frescho

My old hip hop 12’s in the form of a compilation. Part 1

I haven’t done a compilation in a minute and I know how much you guys like free shit. well, talk a walk down memory lane with me. To many of you, this mix with feature a bunch of shit you have never heard before. To others, you’ll have it all and not give a fuck. But, hey, can’t please everyone.
What this is , is a collection of indie rap joints I own or once owned on vinyl. The range from extremely obscure to pretty under the radar. The time line goes from a few in the early 90’s to some in the early 2000’s. This shit is all over the map. Because some of these are vinyl rips (some are even cassette rips cause that’s all I had left) the sound quality may vary. I know how upset you audiophiles get but tough luck, dude. In my day, we listened to 5th generation cassettes dubbed off the radio, filled with hiss and we loved that shit.
So, this is one of two mixes I’ve compiled. No order. No theme. Just rap songs from a different era. This first mix is more west coast heavy but that’s purely coincidence.
Here’s a track listing and download link:
1)Outside Looking in: Darc Mind
2)L’chemy: L’roneous
3)8 Step agenda: Latyrx
4)U can’t escape the hypeness:BLVD Mosse
5)You’re late: The Cenobites
6)I am a record: The Derelicts
7)Bless Ya life: KGB
8)More Cheese: Bashton
9)Do you wanna hear it: The nubian Crackers feat. The artifacts
10)Brainstorm: Latee
11)Dope fiend: Ill Bill
12)Settle the score: Mr. Lif
13)Survival of the fetus: Messiah
14)Tru day: Puppets of chaos
15)After Dark: Pep love

A mix for the youth

I’ve been working on a few projects lately and the bulk of the recording has been happening at Wreckroom studios. This is a studio in brooklyn owned by Adrian Grenier that serves as sort of a community for a bunch of different local artists. One of those artists is a group I’ve mentioned on here before called the Skins. they’re 5 kids from NYC. Three siblings and two non-family members all between the ages of 14 and 21 who make some awesome balls to the wall rock music.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of them cause they’re always hanging around the studio (also , the lead singer Bay-li has been assisting with some vocals for the Mighty Jones album I’ve been working on).They are awesome, wildly talented and well on their way to becoming so famous that they probably won’t remember my name in two years. Actually, that last part is not true at all cause they are really good kids. Like amazingly good kids. So good, in fact, it makes the idea of ever having kids seem okay, after the years of being in airports had seemingly sucked that urge out of me.

I say all that to this: The youngest member of this group is the drummer, Reef. He’s 14 and the dude is on some next shit. He can play any instrument, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of music of all sorts and he can beat anyone in NBA 2k13 on the highest level. Being around him kinda reminded me of what it was like to be that age and obsessed with music. I was similar except my scope was much thinner. I only fucked with rap where as Reef seems to find interest in all genres. But he reminds me that the way music made me feel back then was unlike anything else. Every song seemed like a new experience. It got me thinking about people who fed that hunger I had back then and how much that shaped my taste well into adulthood. Reef likes rap. Hell, he even raps. But to see a kid with so much knowledge of music who was mostly listening to radio shit made me feel like I wanted to give him a taste of what else is out there. So, I made him a mix. It’s not of the best music on earth. It’s simply a compilation of rap I like that I think he might also be into. It’s all sorts of different stuff, cause really, a mix like this is just trying to put out feelers.And expansion of horizons is a good thing when you’re that age. I had a friend do that for me when I was younger and it opened all sorts of doors. Cause, really, even though Jay-z , Kendrick lamar and Kanye are all great artists, there’s so much more to rap than them. So, I figured I give you guys the same mix. Chances are, you have a lot of this stuff. After all, it’s shit I’ve been pushing on this blog for a while. But, if not, enjoy…Besides, it’s been a while since I gave a mix away. I was due.
1)Devotion: Tree
2)5ree thinkers: Open Mike Eagle
3)Half of Nepal: Spark master Tape
4)For the record: T-shirt
5)Hands on the wheel: Schoolboy Q & ASAP rocky
6)Hit me:Mystikal
7)Untitled: Killer Mike
8)Chuch:Shabazz palaces
9)Juice: Chance the rapper
10)All Smiles: Marq Spekt and Kno
11)Contra: Danny Brown
12)Jumanji flow: Asaad
14)Look out: Homeboy sandman
15)Molotovs at Poseidon: YC the Cynic
16)Gold Soul Theory: The underachievers
17)Thuggin: Freddie Gibbs
18)Mighty morphin foreskin: Captain murphy

Mixtapes for girls vol. 4: The “Close it out” mix

Okay, so we’ve covered a lot here with these “mixes for girls”.
We’ve done the “Eclectic guy” mix, we’ve done the “I’m sorry” mix and the initial upbeat “getting to know you” mix. This is the final chapter. This is the “close it out” mix. This is you at your most vulnerable. How vulnerable? How bout a fucking elton john song? yeah…THAT vulnerable. This mix is a blend of well known classics, obscure jewels and just enough corny syrupy shit to top it off perfectly. This is definitely the mix with the most guilty pleasure songs. I mean…it’s hard for me to skip “100 ways” when it comes on my ipod but I’d be embarrassed as fuck if anyone ever actually caught me listening to that song alone.
The one common factor these songs all have is that they play into a mood. Often, with mix tapes, you walk a fine line of romance and sadness. This one has songs like that coming out the ass.
So, enjoy it…and if you’ve used these and haven’t gotten the ass…I really don’t know what to tell you. She’s just not that into you, bro.

1)Colours: Donovan
2)Possibly Maybe Remix: Bjork
3)On Lovers Lane: The Giraffes
4)On a Clear Day: The Peddlers
5)Fire and Rain: The Isley Brothers
6)How come you don’t call me anymore: Prince
7)This train don’t stop: Elton John
8)Morning Sunrise:Weldon Irving
9)A change gonna come: Otis Redding
11)Don’t look down: Thundersticks
12)I love you: Eddie Holman
13)Intimate friends: Eddie Kendricks
14)One hundred ways: James Ingram
15)That’s you my love: Johnny Cool

Mixtapes for girls vol. 3 : The “Eclectic” guy mix

This is the third installment of “mixes for girls”.Be sure to go and find the other two as each mix if for a particular occasion.
This weeks mix is the one you give a girl when you want her to think you’re interesting. There’s no theme. No genre that dominates. It’s a very random collection of songs that a girl will peep and perhaps think, “hmm…this guy is sorta strange. Perhaps i will investigate further”. It spans different era’s, social scenes, moods and ranges from obscure to a song she might have made out with a guy to in college (That song, being, “So Anxious”)
Now, because i’m not really a rock and roll kinda guy, you’ll notice that my mixes tend to be kinda thin in that genre. I realize this is a gaping hole in my mixology. I know, the ladies love rock and roll. But the thing about making mixes for girls is that if you try and pander to the girls too much to the point where it’s not even your taste, you’re kinda playing yourself. Go with what you know. And besides, mixes have never been about omissions. They’re all about selections. And a mix like this shows a subtle versatility that a cool girl will pick up on. Even if she doesn’t like some of the songs you chose, she will , at least, respect where you’re coming from.
This mix also has a feminine touch. A few songs on here that a dude might not want to be caught listening to alone. Songs that border on acceptable for male consumption. But i think we , as men, should embrace those guilty pleasures. Especially when making mixes for girls. The great thing about songs like those for men is that ,9/10 times, girls like them. So, it’s a win/win…Also, bare in mind that I’m not “in the loop” with much super current music. If this mix seems like it could have been made five years ago, it totally could have. BUt, hey, a good song should be timeless. Just cause you’ve moved onto to some new genre like shoe-gaze, electro weep-step doesn’t mean that music made 5 years ago is no longer enjoyable.
Here’s the “eclectic guy” mix. Enjoy.

1)Nightcall: Kavinsky
2)Underwear: The magnetic fields
3)A modern promise: Francis and the lights
4)Aht uh mi hed: Shuggie Otis
5)Sheep: Gonjusufi
6)Cry: Godley and cream
7)I never cared for you: Willie Nelson
8)All i need: Air
9)Baby Bitch: Ween
10)A silver Key…: Lilliput
11)Love Dog: Tv on the Radio
12)I was a a landscape in your dream: Of Montreal
13)Dames a dime a dozen: Beat the devil
14)Hands away: Interpol
15)So anxious: Genuine
16)Innocent when you dream: Tom Waits

Album tracks Vol 2

A couple weeks ago, I did a little compilation of semi-obscure old rap songs that were just good old album tracks. You know, those songs that were never made into videos (for the most part) or got played on the radio (back when that was a thing that mattered). These were always my favorite songs from many of the classic albums of my younger years. There’s a good chance you’ve heard a few of these but an even better chance you haven’t…after’re like in your 20’s, right? Lil’ wayne mixtapes are old school to you people…this shit is like prehistoric. Goddamn I’m old…
anyway, a few of these have probably been “song of the day” on here but most of those old links are down anyway, so this isn’t hurting anyone.
Okaaaaaay? Enjoy…
1)Get into something: Just Ice
2)your man is my Man: Nikki D
3)Where’d you get your bobo’s: Yaggfu front
4)Can’t stop us: Field Mob
5)Couldn’t C it: Young Bleed
6)On the Jazz tip: Maestro Fresh Wes
7)Space Boogie: Kurupt
8)Wrek the art; A.S.A.P.
9)Any way the wind blows: The UMC’s
10)U still a Aggin: Willie D
11)Dope not hype: Nice and smooth
12)In 20 minutes: Extra Prolific
13)The whore said it’s yours: Threat
14)Ya don’t stop: Fesu
15)I don’t need you: Trina Feat. Trick Daddy
16)Thoughts of a negro: School of hard knocks
17)I can’t believe it: Capitol Tax
18)This is a game: The future sound
19)The Blues: Andres 13 (off the first Terminator X solo album)