Yay or nay?: This new Mobb Deep Song

Old rappers. They’re a tricky topic. On one hand, you respect them deeply and cherish their earlier catalogue. On the other, there’s always a sense of them holding onto to past glory and not really evolving. In general, I’d say there are two ways new music by old rappers go. It’s either stale and feels like they did it just to get a check/stay relevant OR it surprises you and gives you a familiar feeling that you haven’t felt in years. They are able to capture why they were so impactful in first place.
Here we have a new song by Mobb Deep. Produced by the Alchemist. Both these names , to me, are a good thing and when coupled together, even better. It’s been a while since I heard Mobb Deep together. I don’t know what Havoc has been up to but Prodigy has quietly been putting together a run of good music over the last few years. Thanks to Alchemist , who is basically the go to producer for both new and old talent still making boom bap type shit.
So, here we have “Biology”. Check it out

What do you think? Do they still have it or are they ready to be taken out back? Or, perhaps, not everything is black and white in the world and this fall somewhere between those two things. Vote and lemme know… (You can pick more than one answer, btw)