This week in ridiculous rap: Morettisan

Here we have a german man in his mid to late 30’s who is clearly joking. Good lord, I hope he is joking. It’s one of those cases that, even though you get the feeling it’s tongue in cheek, there is still something palpably terrifying about it. Is it because he’s german? Maybe. It’s hard to not picture this guy being into some truly creepy shit. That all carhart outfit. Those glasses. His head. His teeth. His blonde and thinly shaped soul patch alone is like the facial hair equivalent of a “do not enter” sign. This guy looks like someone who wouldn’t get casted in one of those “Hostile” movies cause it would be “too obvious”.
What else can really be said about this? I’m just glad the lyrics got posted. It will make memorizing this entire thing and rapping it to completion that much easier. Thanks Morettisan!
Side note: This song officially teaches us the there is no way to flow when saying the name “Meartin”. If I could, I would just loop him saying that name over and over again and make a beat out of it.