A few years back, I did a mix in honor of Independence day. It was basically collection of songs with the word “freedom” or “America” in them. Well, this is that exact same thing, only updated. I added a few songs, took off a few and figured, hey, who hates free music? Jerks, that’s who.
This is a mix you can play at your July 4th BBQ just as easily as you could play it at your anti-America hate rally. It could really go both ways.
So, happy 4th of July, or not. I don’t give a shit. I’m not a particularly patriotic. In fact, if NYC could succeed for the the country, I’d be 100% with it. But i digress…This is about the free music. This mix is all over the map, genre wise so , hopefully, there is a little something for everyone. Enjoy!
(sidenote: there is a chance “Freedom street” and “United states of whatever” might be corrupted due to an old hard drive crash I had. If that’s the case, my apologies. They’re not dangerous files, they just won’t play. whatever the case, the rest of the songs definitely work and it’s still some free music, guys)
Screen shot 2014-07-04 at 10.10.04 AM
Download link here!

You like Nina Simone? Check this out. I did a little mix/mash/up/song

For the last couple years , during live shows, i’ve been doing a variation of this Nina simone mash up. Basically, I took a bunch of different samples from her catalogue and made one song out of them. I’m bout ready to retire it from my live set so I figure I might as well release it into the world.

I made downloading possible but there’s a limit at 100 so, just in case, here’s an alternate link to download it.


Peep “Sumofitsparts” By Marq Spekt and I. Album coming soon!


You may or may not be aware that rapper Marq Spekt and I have been making some music together over the last few years. We’ve had a few songs drop via video but here’s the first official leak off the album we did , Justplaywitit, called “Sumofitsparts”.
The album is set to drop july 29th on Hipnott records. Preorders are available on I-tunes and Bandcamp
Here’s the new song:

Also, here’s the press write up about it:

Hot off his 2011 collaboration album with Cunninlynguist producer Kno (“Machetevision”), Philly emcee MarQ Spekt teams up with New York producer Blockhead (Aesop Rock, Illogic, Murs, Atmosphere) for one of the grilchiest Hip Hop albums of 2014; JustPlayWitIt.

Representing a certain aggression that is lacking in today’s culture, JustPlayWitIt showcases MarQ Spekt’s bizzarly verbose wordplay over Blockheads’s sirty yet sophisticated production. MarQ Spekt throws a little dirt on the game with JustPlayWitIt; as he walks into the current house of Hip Hop, tracks mud on the rug, sits on the couch and puts his soiled boots up on the table.

and , shit, while I got you here, here’s a few songs Spekt and I have done together already

I’m real psyched for this album to drop. It something a little different from me and Spekt is a beast. Check it!

Peep this remix I did for Little People!


Oh this, pic^ No Big deal. Just Little people and myself posing with a 7 foot tall man cat. Shout out to that guy.
Anyway, He and I met on tour and had a great time. From there a friendship was born and from that friendship (and mutual respect for each others work) , this remix was birthed.
It’s the premier songs from his upcoming Remix album called “We are but hunks of wood remixes”. Peep “Wonderland” Featuring the talented January Thompson.

Peep this song I did for a compilation!

I did a song for the “array vol.3” compilation, put together by the people who book my shows over at Autonomous music. It’s an upbeat little ditty.
Check it out:

If you wanna peep the rest of the comp, it features 25 songs by a wide variety of artists including Little People, Dj Vadim, Emancipator and Quantic (just to name a few). You can download it all for free right here:

A mix for the youth

I’ve been working on a few projects lately and the bulk of the recording has been happening at Wreckroom studios. This is a studio in brooklyn owned by Adrian Grenier that serves as sort of a community for a bunch of different local artists. One of those artists is a group I’ve mentioned on here before called the Skins. they’re 5 kids from NYC. Three siblings and two non-family members all between the ages of 14 and 21 who make some awesome balls to the wall rock music.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of them cause they’re always hanging around the studio (also , the lead singer Bay-li has been assisting with some vocals for the Mighty Jones album I’ve been working on).They are awesome, wildly talented and well on their way to becoming so famous that they probably won’t remember my name in two years. Actually, that last part is not true at all cause they are really good kids. Like amazingly good kids. So good, in fact, it makes the idea of ever having kids seem okay, after the years of being in airports had seemingly sucked that urge out of me.

I say all that to this: The youngest member of this group is the drummer, Reef. He’s 14 and the dude is on some next shit. He can play any instrument, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of music of all sorts and he can beat anyone in NBA 2k13 on the highest level. Being around him kinda reminded me of what it was like to be that age and obsessed with music. I was similar except my scope was much thinner. I only fucked with rap where as Reef seems to find interest in all genres. But he reminds me that the way music made me feel back then was unlike anything else. Every song seemed like a new experience. It got me thinking about people who fed that hunger I had back then and how much that shaped my taste well into adulthood. Reef likes rap. Hell, he even raps. But to see a kid with so much knowledge of music who was mostly listening to radio shit made me feel like I wanted to give him a taste of what else is out there. So, I made him a mix. It’s not of the best music on earth. It’s simply a compilation of rap I like that I think he might also be into. It’s all sorts of different stuff, cause really, a mix like this is just trying to put out feelers.And expansion of horizons is a good thing when you’re that age. I had a friend do that for me when I was younger and it opened all sorts of doors. Cause, really, even though Jay-z , Kendrick lamar and Kanye are all great artists, there’s so much more to rap than them. So, I figured I give you guys the same mix. Chances are, you have a lot of this stuff. After all, it’s shit I’ve been pushing on this blog for a while. But, if not, enjoy…Besides, it’s been a while since I gave a mix away. I was due.
1)Devotion: Tree
2)5ree thinkers: Open Mike Eagle
3)Half of Nepal: Spark master Tape
4)For the record: T-shirt
5)Hands on the wheel: Schoolboy Q & ASAP rocky
6)Hit me:Mystikal
7)Untitled: Killer Mike
8)Chuch:Shabazz palaces
9)Juice: Chance the rapper
10)All Smiles: Marq Spekt and Kno
11)Contra: Danny Brown
12)Jumanji flow: Asaad
14)Look out: Homeboy sandman
15)Molotovs at Poseidon: YC the Cynic
16)Gold Soul Theory: The underachievers
17)Thuggin: Freddie Gibbs
18)Mighty morphin foreskin: Captain murphy

Capture the sun is out today!!!!

Ohio rapper Illogic and I have been working on an album together for a few years now. We released two free Ep’s on bandcamp (you can get those HERE). Well, today our full length “Capture the sun” drops on Man Bites Dog records. It’s a 16 track album entirely produced by me with Illogic rapping, featuring Slug, Blueprint, Abstract Rude and others.
Anyway, instead of me explaining it in depth, peep this ARTICLE on Amoeba.com
Also, Tune into WFMU.org this week to hear the entire interview with Illogic and myself with host Billy Jam on “Put the needle on the record”. The show is on friday from 7-9.

As for the album and where you can get it, it’s available digitally
and also on Amazon (might not be available today, but it will be soon)

If you’re more of a hard copy kinda person (god bless you!), you can get the cd at Amazon.com, at ughh.com and FYE online and mom and pop stores all over the US.

If you’re into limited edition kinda things, you can get a cd with a bunch of cool “capture the sun” beach stuff over HERE. These are very limited edition so you might wanna get on that if this interests you.

Or you can just buy the cd here:
Also, people have asked me about if this will be released in vinyl or if there will be an instrumental version available. As of now, the Vinyl is up in the air. There’s been talk of a special , very limited run or even some 7” records. I’ll certainly let you know as soon as I find out. Same goes for the instrumental version. Both would be small runs and come with a T-shirt so, keep an eye out for those.

Lastly, if you’re one of those people who only buys stuff after listening to it, you can peep the album streaming in it’s entirety right here:

I think that’s everything. If you have any more questions (and are on twitter) direct them to @manbitesdogrecs. He’s your answer guy.
So, go get this album in some form and enjoy it! And thanks for listening and supporting from both Illogic and myself.

Tony Bones: A look back at someone you probably never heard of

A question that pops up fairly often , at least in the “answers for questions” part of this blog, is whether or not I listen to rappers from other countries. The answer is always “not really…” but what I really wanna say is “Definitively no BUT there is one dude who was an exception”. That person is an underground rapper from NY (Not sure if he was from new Rochelle, Yonkers or even an actual borough) by way of the UK named Tony Bones. Tony Bones was a guy who used to pop up on Stretch Armstrong and Bobitto’s radio show now and then during the mid to late 90’s that I was obsessed with. Perhaps it was his minimal output. Perhaps it was that he was indeed a british rapper that “worked” for me. Or maybe it was just that he was straight up good and entertaining as an MC. Who knows? Whatever the case, his random radio appearances, demo leaks and guest spots on Mr. Live songs were something I always looked forward to.
Over 15 years later, I can’t say I’m checking for him much. I mean, shit, he never even put out a proper solo release. Not even a 12” (as far as I know). That said, I still can go back and check his stuff out and enjoy it. That’s saying a lot considering how poorly a lot of underground rap from that era has aged. He was clever, had a smooth flow and he actually made rapping in a british accent sound cool (shout out to SLick Rick though cause , as we all know, he’s the only other dude to pull this off on a large scale level).
Last I heard, he had long quit rapping and was designing clothing for Akademiks or some shit. This was something I heard a long time ago so who knows what he’s actually up to. Wherever he is, I hope he is well cause he made a young me very happy in the 90’s.
I figured it might be cool to compile all the Tony Bones stuff I had and let you guys peep it. This is by no means a complete compilation of the mans work, but it’s all the shit I have. If you own more, feel free to share it in the comments. I’d certainly appreciate it.
Oh and PS, to all the people who will no doubt be outraged at me not liking other UK sounding rap, deal with it. I can’t help what I like and dislike. I’m not saying that stuff is bad, it’s just not for me. I think the reason Tony Bones works for me is cause , while he has the accent, he still rapped like an american. USA USA!!! (just kidding…calm down, european people)
Here’s a run down of the songs and the link:


1)Tony Bones Freestyle from Stretch and Bobbito

This was the first thing I ever heard by him. I was an immediate fan
2)Mr Live and Tony Bones 89.9 Promo
You will notice many of his songs are with his right hand man MR. Live AKA J-Live (not that one…). While Mr. Live is fine and dandy it definitely was always a wish of mine to get more solo joint with just Bones on them…
3)Hold me Back Feat. Mr. Live
An unreleased demo produced by Pharaoh Monch
4)Freestyle from stretch featuring Mr. Live and Breezly Bruin
This is some classic shit right here. Not only do all three of them go in on it but they rap over some never heard before beats off a Pharaoh Monch beat tape
5)Come inside
6)Deep in your bones

Both of those are demos as well. Organized Konfusion has their hands all over these. Both Prince Po and Monch do small cameos on a few of his solo demos.
7)Hunger Strike
Yet another song with Mr. Live.
8)Current Affair
This is the most recent thing I have by him. It popped up in the 2000’s out of nowhere. No clue who leaked it or what it was for but this is Bones absolutely crushing a terrible drum track. I’d kill for a accapella of this cause it would be remix heaven.
9)Splashing over Monica
This was off a Mr. Live 12”. Not the greatest song ever as the topic is pretty played out but , still, Bones’ verse is pretty entertaining.

Throwaway files vol 5. 2.0: The final installment

Well, this is it. I’ve now done about 20 volumes of these free, old, lost beats and I’ve officially run out of them. This will be the final installment for the foreseeable future.
In case you have no clue what I’m talking about, these are old beats I never used that , for some reason or another, never made it to the show. The minor leagues , if you will. If you’ve enjoyed these, do a search on my blog for more of them and they will overtake your entire I-tunes library.

Here you go:

Also, since I’ve been doing these, I get tons of emails of people asking me if they may use these. Well, yes and no. If you have no plans of ever selling the music you make (be it a demo tape or a mixtape you hand out to friends) then feel free to use them for whatever you like. Otherwise, it’s a no go. Also, just cause you use them doesn’t mean I really wanna hear the outcome. No offense or anything but I get sent links of all sorts to peoples music all the time and I’ve simply vowed to not listen to any of it. Just to be fair. But , also, cause 98% of it is god awful and I don’t have the patience. This is not a swipe at anyone who’s sent me stuff in the last year or so , as I’ve been not listening to demo’s since the early 2000’s. I’m not an A&R or a record label. I cannot help anyone.
Annnnnyway, I hope you enjoy these. Also…you may know I have a new album out. So, after all these free mediocre beats, why don’t you go buy some full fledged good ones!