Yay or Nay: Myke Bogan

I’m not gonna lie, a friend hipped me to this dude this very morning but it was one of those situations where you hear something and you’re like “I’m with it…”. So, admittedly, I’m really not that familiar with this dudes work outside of the videos I peeped and the quick scanning of songs on his bandcamp. Turns out, dude has LOTS of material. My crack research team (me), has learned he lives in Portland , but he might actually be from South Dakota, which would be a first in rap cause I didn’t even think people lived there. I only say that cause his first album was called “So long South Dakota”.
But, who cares about all that? I think we’re all past the point of caring about a rappers location. Let’s judge the dude on his music. Well, from what I’m hearing, he’s a clever and witty dude with good ear for beats. He’s certainly not trying to keep up with the joneses and remake Drake songs, which is nice. He’s just a solid rapper through and through. Subject matter wise, he’s a little too much on that “Lemme rap about weed” for my taste but people grow out of that shit and he’s good enough to make it not boring.
So, let’s check him…

Here’s his bandcamp. He’s got three albums available and they’re all “name your own price”.

Well, I’ve made my case but what do you guys think of him? Remember, you can pick more than one choice…