Song of the day 12/7/12

Hit me By Mystikal
Holy Shit! New Mystikal song! Remember how people used to say he’s the James Brown of rap? No? Well, they did. Anyway, this is the song where he takes that idea and runs with it as far as possible. Still, the best rapping rapist alive by a landslide.

Song of the day 8/10/12

You would if you could By Mystikal
There are a few schools of thought concerning Mystikal. Lots of people hate him, lots of people love him, and lots of people just think he’s a raping extortionist.
While I can’t argue that last point, he’s honestly one of my favorite rappers alive right now. I obviously can’t excuse the crimes he’s committed (wiki that shit if you’re not aware) but I also can’t deny that he’s one of the most entertaining and original rappers doing it today. NO ONE raps like Mystikal. The fact he’s now 40 years old and shit making good shit is even more impressive.
This song I’ve posted is an older one but here is his new video and another video of him kicking a hilarious rhyme on the radio:

(Props to him for the honesty. Lots of rappers rap about jail but not like this…)

Song of the day 3/30/12

Move something by Mystikal & Mannie Fresh

In my continued effort to get Mystikal’s Career back on track, I give you his newest song (as far as I know). Sure, the guy went to jail for sexual assault and extortion. That’s pretty bad. But , and I say this with 100 % sincerity, he’s easily one of my favorite rappers alive so I’ll just act like Chris Brown and R. Kelly fans and pretend that shit never happened. This song is one of those good feeling kinda joints, even when Mystikal is rapping about how he’s 40 and can’t party like he used to. I , for one, appreciate the honesty.
Also, who makes better hooks than Manny Fresh? NO ONE, bro.

Anyway, in case this isn’t your cup of tea, here’s a little bonus. My homeboy Selfsays from Detroit made this video, so I figured I’d share with all of you. Enjoy…

Song of the day 12/29/11

Original Lyrics By Mystikal Feat. Birdman and Lil Wayne

I’ll be honest. Lots of you will not be feeling this song. I mean, judging from past posts, you’ll just read the artists involved , roll your eyes and go bump an alum of lost Sole b-sides. That’s fine. But , what can i say, I fucking love Mystikal. Sure, he’s a convicted rapist but I’m not trying to be the dudes friend (though I would jump at the opportunity to work with him) , I simply think he’s an awesome rapper.
This song features Birdman at his best, meaning , he just does the hook and doesn’t rap. Lil wayne’s verse is almost like it’s not there and the beat by Mannie Fresh is fucking awesome.
So, to end this year, I give you this. A bit of a curveball considering what I usually post up here but give it a chance. It’ll do you good.