Asap Rocky: Back and forth

A while back, ASAP Rocky and Danny Brown did a little sit down convo for where they basically just shot the shit and discussed topics such as fucking Kathy Griffin, groupies off twitter and smoking weed. It was amazing.
Here are two of the 5 parts but I suggest you watch them all.

Anyway, Noisey must have know they hit on something cause they basically gave ASAP Rocky an interview show. The result is Rocky talking to the likes of Snoop Lion, Riff Raff and Kathy Griffin. ASAP is a curious interviewer in the sense that he seems to not know much about anything but he’s also personable enough to keep the conversations rolling. It’s an interesting mix to say the least.
Cause I’m on the road and can’t be writing anything of value, today’s entry is simply these vids. Some entertaining shit right here. Enter the wormhole…
Let’s start with a truly bizarre and somewhat uncomfortable talk with Kathy Griffin

Snoop Lion (God I hate having to type that name out)

And how could we forget Riff Raff. These two seem like old friends.

There are some more out there if you really feel like digging deeper. Time well spent!