Song of the day 6/21/11

Harlem World By Ol’ Dirty Bastard
This song was a bonus cut of ODB’s debut album and has long been my favorite song from that album. It’s pretty bugged out. Between the RZA’s sloppy, plodding beat and ODB’s dropping the last word of every line in his first verse, it gives you a nice look into the weirdness that was this album.
As an added bonus, here’s an old radio show clip of ODB on NYU radio where he actually raps the missing parts to the verses on this song. He also screams like a banshee and put his lunacy on full display. RIP to ODB cause he was truly one of a kind.
ODB live on NYU radio:

Song of the day 10/11/10

Operator By Ol’ Dirty Bastard Feat. The Clipse
I honestly have no clue where I got this song from. I don’t know if it’s on any album but this recording must have been taken off a mixtape of some sort. Regardless, this is ODB bugging out (Pretty sure this was made the year he passed away) and The Clipse doing their thing over a a Neptunes beat. Pretty obvious this was a throw away track but it’s still pretty cool.
My apologies for the abrupt ending. If anyone has a better version, feel free to upload it in the comments.