Ask me about old rap

Phat Friend reader Rough Cut recently bought up how I’m kind of an asshole when it comes to fondly remembering older hip hop ( Examples: CL smooth was not a good rapper, Digable planets debut album is boring and I don’t really like The Roots even though, for all intents and purposes, they’re very good at what they do). He is not wrong. He also had an idea where I write a post about old albums and artists and rating them accordingly. This seems like a far too overwhelming task as I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Instead, this post can work as a forum for you to ask me my opinion on any older rappers and albums. Let’s keep it between 1988-2000. That’s really where i feel I have concrete opinions. I promise to be completely honest.
So, using the comments section below, ask away…I’m an open book.

Also, If this goes well, I may extend the idea to other “question” type blogs. This could range anywhere from advice to personal info. Who knows…it could be fun.