Song of the day 4/13/12

Frozen Sunlight by Billy Woods Feat Open Mike Eagle and Marq Spekt

It’s been a good month for rappers I like/work with doing songs together. Earlier Illogic, Marq Spekt and open mike eagle did a song and now, Open Mike Eagle and Spekt join Billy Woods for a non-album track banger produced by Willie Green.
In case you were unaware, Billy Woods released his album “History will absolve me” earlier this week. It’s literally the only thing I’ve been listening to. I can’t express enough how much you should buy this album. It’s on I-tunes or available at .

I’m not about to write a review of the album but I can say it’s a real album. In the sense that it was made with consistent themes, it ties together musically, and Woods seems to have an overall concept behind the entire thing. To say that kind of thing is rare nowadays is an understatement. Not to get corny but this kind of thing is art. I generally hate that word and think throwing it around when discussing rap is extremely lame but there’s no other way to put it. It’s not always easily digestible but it’s something you can go back to , time and time again and pull something new out of. So, yeah, if you like hard rap with a head on it’s shoulders that somehow manages to be not at all nerdy, this will be your shit.

As I said, this song was a track that didn’t make the album and , that alone, is a testament to how strong this album is. Peep it.

Song of the day 3/8/12

Nightmares III By Open Mike Eagle Feat. Illogic and Marq Spekt
Here’s an awesome remix of an awesome song featuring three artist I both love AND am currently working with. We all win with this one.
Nothing more to really say about it. Download it and enjoy.

Song of the day 2/2/12

Rent Party Revolution (Remix) By Open Mike Eagle
In a continuing effort to spread the word of Open Mike Eagle, here’s a cool remix by Taco Neck for one of the joints of his album “Rappers will die of natural causes”. I like the original but this one takes it in a different direction that works really well.
Also, Mike and I are working on some music in the future and I’m pretty psyched about it. So, by association, you should be too.

Free Open Mike Eagle EP!

Open Mike Eagle is one of the handful of current rappers that I’m a big fan of. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’d know that,bro. Anyway, coming of his great “Rappers will die of natural Causes” album (released earlier this year) he’s back with a free EP. Including a song I did with him. So, you know, even more reason to want this.

1. Nightmares (Busdriver Remix)
2. Billy’s Quagmire (prod. Blockhead)
3. Four Days feat. Serengeti (prod. Busdriver)
4. The Secret to Negro Alchemy (prod. N/A)
5. Experimental Dream FLCL (prod. Awkward)

Download it here:

On a side note, Mike and I are planning on making an Ep together so, definitely keep an eye out for that. I’m really psyched about it.

Song of the day 6/15/11

No Body Nose by Open Mike Eagle (prod. Loden)
If you read this blog, you know there are very few new Mc’s I champion, but Open Mike Eagle is one of those guys. Pretty much everything he’s dropped over the last few years had been dope. Yesterday he put out his new album “Rappers will die of natural causes” on Hellfyre records. He was kinda enough to let me post up this song as my song of the day. So, yes, this is a sort of “exclusive” , if you will.

Check it out and when you’re done, go to Itunes and buy the whole album. you won’t be disappointed.

Also, I definitely plan on working with mike in the future so keep an eye out for that.

Song of the day 5/11/11

Nightmares By Open Mike Eagle
This song has been making the rounds on lots of blogs this week. For that reason, I was gonna skip it but I just can’t help myself. I’ve pretty much been listening to it non-stop and it would be a shame to not pass it along to those of you who aren’t complete losers who spend all say on the internet.
Open Mike Eagle is a name that’s popped up a few times on this blog over the last year. He’s a rapper from L.A. (by way of chicago) who put out a great album on Mush records last year called “Art rap party”. His new album “Rappers will die of natural causes” is dropping soon. I’m very excited cause, as I’ve mentioned before, not a ton of new rap really hits for me so, when it does, it’s a welcome feeling.
Also, this one’s got a video , so you can check it out above. So easy. AMIRITE?!?!??!!?!

Song of the day 12/3/10

Four years old By Open Mike Eagle
I’ve mentioned Open Mike a few times in this blog.He’s one of my favorite newer artists. He’s part of LA rap crew the Swim Team and down with project blowed as well. His album “Unapologetic Art Rap Party” on Mush records is something you should really look into. This song is off his upcoming Ep “Art rap after party”.
I’ve been playing this song over and over the last few days. I love this shit.

Peep this posse cut I just produced

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may have noticed me mention this website from time to time. Not only is it my favorite message board on the internet, it’s also responsible for both the TROY blog and Steady bloggin’. Two very dope blogs that you should all be checking. Anyway, as I was saying, I’m all over that message board. In fact, chances are, if I post a video up here, I saw it there first. Beyond just being an awesome source for funny shit, it’s also full of talented mc’s. When Jason gloss, The sites owner and Bauce , hollered at me about giving them a beat for a posse cut featuring various artists who frequent the site, I jumped on it. The talent pool is deep there so it was really a no brainer.
So, here ya go. PhilaFlava posse cut 2010
Godamus Rhyme
Cadence Weapon
Rob Sonic
Piff Tannen
Mike Eagle
(produced by me)

West coast/Texas Tour is upon us!!

Today is the first day of my brief tour out west and down in Texas.
If you’re a fan, I’d love to see you at these shows.
Here’s a rundown of the upcoming dates and locations:

9/16 Seattle, WA Nectar Lounge w/ Signal Path, Nocando
9/17 Bellingham, WA The Wild Buffalo w/ Signal Path , Nocando
9/18 Portland, OR Refuge w/ Signal Path, Nocando
9/21 San Diego, CA The Casbah Cafe w/ Signal Path , Nocando, Open mike eagle
9/22 Santa Cruz, CA Moe’s Alley
w/ Signal Path,Nocando, Open mike eagle
9/23 Arcata, CA Arcata Theatre
w/ Signal Path ,Nocando, Open mike eagle
9/24 Berkeley, CA Shattuck Down Low
w/ Signal Path , Nocando, Open mike eagle
9/25 Los Angeles, CA The Roxy
w/ Signal Path ,Nocando, Open mike eagle
10/1 Austin, TX The Parrish
10/2 Dallas, TX The Palladium opening for Bassnectar
And a little later on…
10/15 New York , NY The natural History Museum It’s a Fader party, Opening for Shabazz Palaces
11/12 Detroit, MI Fillmore opening for Pretty Lights
11/13 Milwaukee, WI The Rave opening for Pretty Lights

so, Yeah, come on out and say Hi.
I’ll be the guy by the merch table and then on stage…and then back at the merch table.
As for this blog while i’m on the road, I’ll do my best. Who knows, maybe enough funny shit will happen that I’ll be able to do write ups of every different city. doubtful, but we’ll see.