I don’t even know anymore

So this video has been making the rounds on the internet and I honestly can no longer tell what is real and what isn’t.
Here’s the thing…Clearly there is something wrong with this guy. Either he’s actually like that and living in an “American Idol” like haze of delusion OR he’s a dude making fun of learning disabled people. Either way, someone is responsible for this shit and needs to step forward and explain themselves.
This being the internet, I did some minor investigating. What I came across was a bunch of videos of this guy covering famous songs.

He speaks pretty normally. Doesn’t seem to be a person with special needs (not any more than your typical “person who covers songs badly in their bedroom for youtube” does). Nope. He seems like he’s more mentally competent than, say, the chocolate rain guy. I’d guess this dude lands squarely between “internet troll” and “Delusional American Idol haze”. Even knowing that…I still don’t get it. So deep.
As far as the video in the headline, specifically, I have so many questions.
First off, how did they get THAT girl to be in the video. She’s legit hot and she never even cracks a knowing smile. Clearly, she heard the song playing back while they we’re filming right? Or maybe she just thought someone was killing dolphins nearby? Perhaps she doesn’t speak english or something?
Secondly, I realize that making a decent looking video is pretty cheap nowadays. But other videos of this “so bad they’re good” nature That were made by people who are not in on their own joke, typically look like shit. stuff like these two classics.


But this video looks decent. I mean, it’s not like Hype Williams directed it but it’s at least in focus and edited well.
Thirdly, when i think about the steps it takes to get a video made…it’s pretty impressive. This dude recorded this song. Someone made a beat for him. He did multiple takes (Maybe?), he got it mixed and maybe even mastered (unlikely). He then played it for someone else who was like “yeah, I’ll make a video for that”. They then casted the video , shot it, edited it and gave it to the world. All that happened for this to exist. It blows my mind. I suppose my question would be How? Why? What?

This video brings me back to something I’ve harped on before. I no longer have the ability to tell what is real and what is not. There was a time when satire or parody always tipped it’s hat just a little. Even the guys from Turquoise Jeep , which had a few people scratching their heads, let on just enough for you to know it was a joke.

But there is a new generation of videos that somehow fall between parody and just being the worst things ever made. Without question, they’re entertaining. I can’t lie. I watch all those videos repeatedly. But , part of the humor of them is how authentic they really are. If this dude is a normal guy who’s making fun of retarded people, then he’s kind of an asshole. But , if he’s actually like that and just a guy who made a song, then that makes us and the people who helped make this video/song (who clearly were aware of his “quirky” disposition) assholes for laughing at him. I remember back in the day, when Corky from the tv show “life goes on” released an album.

If you don’t know or remember, Chris Burke was an actor with downs syndrome. On “Life goes on” he played Corky and become both inspirational to many people with learning disabilities ,as well as the punch line to many jokes to assholes (myself included…I was in high school. it was par for the course). Anyway, his album of songs came out and , on paper, my dickhead friends and I expected it to be a laugh riot. However, when we finally heard it. It wasn’t funny. It was just…awkward and kinda depressing. Not cause he was such a terrible singer (he was, though) but cause we realized that making fun of this poor dude was really unfair. It was a real jolt of compassion that hadn’t been there prior to hearing his songs.
Seeing this video kinda gives me that same feeling. I feel bad for the dude (assuming he’s for real). He’s nowhere near Corky. In fact, he seems pretty normal when he’s not singing. By “Normal” i mean, he’s just your typical moron on youtube. That kinda person makes up like 93% of all people in first world countries. Sure, he’s ripe for mockery. So much so that it would be in bad taste to even bother. I just can’t shake the feeling of “how did this get made?”.
Now, I don’t wanna sound like the PC police here. If you’ve watched and laughed at this video, I get it. I definitely was pretty floored the first time I saw it. It’s insane. I see that. As much as this may seem like it, I’m really not trying to be captain buzzkill here. It’s just I truly want to know more. About this guy. About the process it took to make the video. Everything. So, this is where you, the reader, comes in and tells me what’s what. I’m sure some of you must know some background on this shit. Please…explain it to me. Like I’m a 3rd grader. Also, explain this , while your at it. I’m at a total loss.

Breaking Bad on ABC

Hey! Guess what? Breaking Bad is easily the best show on tv and it’s third season just came to an amazing end. If you’re not watching this show, you’re playing yourself. Remember how you didn’t watch “The Wire” at first ,even though everyone was telling you how good it was? I remember doing that, so , a few of you must know what I’m talking about. Well, Breaking Bad is the same shit. It’s like an awesome hour long movie every week. Anyway, Funnyordie.com just did an awesome parody of it and I thought I’d share it.
Just a heads up, If you’ve never seen the show, this will be a total waste of time for you. But you deserve it for for ignoring something that could bring you so much joy
The video won’t embed , so here’s a link: