I am so confused

Okay, I think I’ve reached my limit. I can no longer discern what is real and what is parody on the internet. It seems like it’s something that , with just the tiniest bit of reasonable thought, would be easy to figure out…but no. I saw something just now that was pretty much the straw that broke the camels back.
Allow me to introduce you to Pinkletank

Wait…what? So, this is the first thing I saw about them and I was leaning towards it being a joke. I mean, it could be some Tim and Eric shit starring two kids with downs syndrome. That would make sense and bring order to the world…but no. There’s more.

First off, that’s an ILL truck stop stage. Secondly, I have no idea what’s going on in the clip. Is this guerilla marketing? And, again, downs syndrome?

I guess they hate rap…or do they? I CAN’T FUCKING TELL ANYTHING ANYMORE.

So this video was the first one to kinda let me inside to what’s really going on. Gauging from this, the kids is actually just deeply southern and does not have Downs syndrome (a common mistake I’m sure tons of people make when evaluating deeply southern people). His name is “Tank” which leads me to believe his sister’s name is “Pinkle”. Obviously, he’s the mind behind the music. He’s the composer and he’s the one banging out the hot jams.

And , finally, the unforgettable cover of everyone’s favorite Adele song

So, my final synopsis is that Pinkletank is real. So real. So, either they have the most delusional parents on earth or the meanest parents on earth. That’s really the question for the ages though so there’s no way I could ever answer that with any certainty.