Trending topics vol. 82 (with a little bonus)

This week, Alaska and I discuss Ron Artest’s elbow, disgusting octomom and Florence Colgate AKA Britain’s most mathematically beautiful woman. Also, Alaska’s Pro Jimmy Fallon stance is not supported by this blog on any level. FOR SHAME, ALASKA!

Also, I’ve done a bunch of live radio and podcasts lately. You should peep them as they’re mostly pretty funny and entertaining. If you got tons of time to kill, these will work.
This one is a baltimore based podcast called Digression sessions. The two hosts are funny motherfuckers and things got pretty silly.

This is one I did last night for Benchwarmer radio out of seattle. We talk about all sorts of shit from music to sports. We also play a fun game of live “fuck/marry/kill”.–wednesday-night-w-blockhead

And here’s me and Dapwell (of Das Racist) on East village radio. This one as awesome cause we took phone calls and made fun of people.