Posse Cut Extravaganza Vol. 8

Phew. This shit is getting tiring. I got 11 volumes of these so there are not many are left. That might be a good thing.
This one is all over the place. From the surprisingly decent 2 Live Crew posse cut to the classic “Self Destruction” all the way to a newer southern epic “Get throwed”. A little something for everyone
1) Games Sober: Sadat X Feat. The Money Boss Players and Sha Sha
2)5 men and a mike: special Ed Feat.40-love, DJ Akshun, Coolie man, and Little Shawn
3)What ya wanna do? : Ice-T Feat Bronx Style Bob, Donald D, Everlast, Hen Gee, Nat The Cat, Randy Mac, Shakell Shabazz and Toddy Tee
4) Commwiddit: Ras Kass, Saafir and Ahmad.
5)Get throwed: Bun B Feat. Pimp C, Young Jeezy and Jay-Z
6)Hands on experience: High and mighty Feat El-P and Bobbito
7)Pass it off (Remix): Shyheim Feat. Big Daddy Kane, Down Low Recka, Pop da Brown Hornet, and Rubbabandz
8)Self Destruction: The Stop the Violence Movement AKA A whole lot of motherfuckers.
9)Step into da Cipher: Brand Nubian Feat. Maestro Manny, Serge and Snagglepuss
10)This is to Luke from the posse:2 Live Crew Feat. JT Money, Debonair, Professor Griff and a few other people whose names i couldn’t find.

Posse Cut Extravaganza Vol. 7

Much like the song “Close the crackhouse” (featured on this weeks installment) the posse cut extravaganza never ends…Number 7 is here. HIghlights include the original “cypha session” from the Lyricist Lounge Ecko Tapes and the awesome Rockafella free for all “The champions”.
Go for it…
1)Close the crackhouse: Professor X Feat. Brother J, Wise Intelligent , Big Daddy Kane , Money B,
Shock G and Humpty Hump, Ex-Girlfriend, Chuck D, Sister Souljah, Mickey Jarrett, Freedom Williams, YZ, and 2 Kings in a Cypher
2)Feet up on the table: Aceyalone feat Abstract Rude, LA Khule, Mark the Murderer, NGA fish, Riddlore and Vic Hop
3)You’re late: Godfather Don, Kool Keith and Percee P
4)Pass the 40: Black Sheep feat. Chi Ali, Hot Diggity dog,Chris Lighty and Dave Gossett
5)Saturday night live (LA jay remix): Masta Ace Feat: Lord Digga, U-neek and Master Ice
6)No disrespect: Young Bleed Feat ???? (Lost the liner notes and can’t find it online)
7)Nitty Gritty: KMD Feat: Brand Nubian
8)Cypha session: Chubb Rock, Ran Reed and The Cella Dwellas
9)The Champions: Kanye west, Young Chris, Beanie Segal, Cam’ron, and Twista
10)Two to the head: Kool G rap Feat. Bushwick Bill and Ice Cube

Posse Cut Extravaganza Vol. 6


Volume 6 coming for your brain piece, yo!
This one has got some real joints on it. Aside from the super west coast posse cut “Get the fist” Which features pretty much every good rapper from L.A circa 93, it’s also got one of my all time favorite b-sides “Go where I send the” By Masta Ace.

Check’em out.

1) Burnt: Del Feat. Casual, Tajai, Opio, & A-Plus
2) State To State: NO ID Feat. Common and Dug Infinite
3)4 MY Peeps (Buckwild version): Redd Hott Lover Tone feat: Notorious BIG, Organized Konfusion, and MOP
4)Rollin’: Saukrates Feat.Masta Ace and OC
5)The Get the Fist Movement: B-real, Ice Cube, J-dee, Kam, King Tee, MC Eight, Threat, and Yo-Yo
6)Word of Mouf: Ludacris Feat. 4-ize*
7)AIDS: MF Grimm Feat.Kool G rap, Akinyele, CJ Moore, Big Chuck
8)Go Where I send the: Master Ace Feat. U-neek and Master Ice
9)Secret Fantasies: Tim Dog Feat. Kool Keith and Ced Gee*
10)Show and Prove: Big Daddy Kane Feat. Sauce money, Scoob Lover, Shyheim , Jay-Z and ODB

*again, I KNOW, These aren’t technically “Posse cuts” But they have the aura of a Posse cut, so they get the pass from me.

Posse cut Extravaganza Vol. 5

Another week, another collection of posse cuts.
Let’s keep the ball rolling, shall we?
1)The basement: Pete rock & CL Smooth Feat. Heavy D, Grap Lover, Dida, and Rob-O
2)Show’em how we do things (original demo version): Lord Finesse Featuring Shel-rumble and Harry-O
3)Burn Hollywood Burn: Public Enemy Feat. Ice Cube and Big Daddy Kane
4)The wake up show anthem 1994: Sway and King Tech Feat. Ras Kass, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Pharoahe Monch, Prince Po, Saafir, Shyhiem, Chino XL and Dred Scott
5)Internationally Known: DITC (OC, Fat Joe and Big L)
6)Fanatic of the B-word: De La Soul Feat: Dres and Mike G (as the host)*
7)Hollywood Divorce: Lil Wayne feat: Andre 3000 and Snoop Dogg
8)I’m The man: Gangstarr Feat. Jeru the Damaja and Lil’ Dap
9)The B-side: Masta Ace Feat Paula Perry and Lord Digga
10) Undisputed Champs: Del the Funkee Homosapian Feat.Pep Love and Q-tip

*I realize this isn’t a technically a posse cut but it’s got the vibe enough for me to let it slide.

Posse Cut Extravaganza Vol. 4

Another week, another installment. This one is a nice (and totally random) mix of some pretty well known Posse cuts , as well as a few lesser known ones. A little something for everyone, if you will.


1)Foundation: Big Jaz Featuring Jay-z and Sauce Money
2)Leave now:: King Just Featuring Profes, Star and Mega-don
3)7 DeeJays: Boogie Down Productions featuring D-nice, Heather B, Harmony, Ms. Melodie, Jamalski, and one other guy who’s name i forget
4)The Symphony Part 2: Master Ace, Kool G rap, Craig G, Lil’ daddy Shane, And Big Daddy Kane
5)Drive Slow: Kanye West Feat. Pau Wall and GLC
6)Erase Racism: Kool G rap & DJ Polo Featuring Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie
7)YabbaDabbaDoo: Chubb Rock Featuring Red Hot Lover Tone and Rob Swinga
8)Dynamic: Pumpkinhead feat.Bad Seed, CES, DCQ, Meat Pie, Ocean, Pokaface, What!What1 AKA Jean Grea.
9)The grand finale: D.O.C Featuring NWA
10)Cowboys: The Fugees Featuring Young Zee, Pace won, John Forte and Rah Digga

Posse Cut Extravaganza Vol. 3

Continuing with my weekly mix of posse cuts, I give you Volume 3. There some good ones on here. A little of everything. Enjoy.
1)All me are dogs:Bandit Feat. Notorious B.I.G. , Snagglepuss, Pudgee the Phat Bastard, Grand Puba , Raggedy man , Grand daddy IU and Positive K
2)Buddah nation: Down low Feat. Zhigge, Figures of speech, The Ghetto dwellers, and Nadine
3)Don’t look now:Pace won, Young Zee, and some other guy from the outsiderz who says the amazing line “More of yall sound retarded to me, i’m the hottest shit since that nigga Moses parted the sea”
4)Doin our own dang: The jungle Brothers feat: De La soul, Q-Tip, and Monie love
5)Come on down: Big daddy kane Feat. Busta rhymes and Q-tip
6)Freestyle Ghetto: King Tee Featuring The alkaholiks, Xzibit, and Breeze
7)Can’t tell me nothing (remix): Kanye West Feat. Beanie segal and Freeway
8)Cypha session Part II:Lord Digga, The Cella Dwellas, Building block, Herbal E., Vice Grip and Star Child
9)U must be out your fuckin’ mind: Fat joe Feat. Kool G Rap and Apache
10)Stomp: Young Buck Feat.TI and Ludacris

Posse cut extravaganza vol. 2

Here’s the second installment of mixes (not blended or anything) consisting of nothing but posse cuts. Bear in mind, These are in no order and , pretty much, they’re all over the place. But, That kinda the fun part, right?
1)Go Crazy: young Jeezy feat. Jay-Z and Fat Joe
2)You can’t front: Diamond D , Sadat X and Lord FInesse
3)3 Men at Chung King: Chubb Rock Featuring Red Hot Lover Tone and Grand Puba
4)Who’s It On: Casual , Pep Love and Del
5)Small Violins: Alaska, Kasm , Wind-n-Breeze, and Cryptic One
6)Danger Zone(original): Mase, Big L, and Herb Mcgruff
7)A Chorus Line:Ultramagnetic Mc’s feat. Tim Dog
8)Back From Hell (Remix): Run DMC feat. Ice Cube and Chuck D
9)Big Girls: Bizarre Feat. Redman and Young Zee
10)The last song: Above The Law and NWA