Yay or Nay? This new Pusha T/Jay-Z Song

I’m not tuned in to these streets like I once was, guys. I used to have my fingers on the pulse of what was cool and what wasn’t in rap music. Granted, that was well over a decade ago , but still…I’ve been there!
While rappers named stuff like Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert exist, I certainly don’t know what they do or what they sound like (I could guess and probably be right, though). For me, the last time I had a handle on mainstream rap, guys like Jay-Z and Pusha-T were very relevant. Now, in 2016, I can’t say with 100% confidence where either of these rappers stand with rap rans under the age of 35. I liked Pusha’s last album. It had some joints. I haven’t checked for Jay with any real curiosity since, I dunno…”Roc Boys” came out. So, to see them on a song together currently is more confusing than anything. Like, is it good? It could be. Will the kids like it? Who fucking knows? So, today’s column is a check in on all that.
I present to you the new Pusha-T/Jay-Z song. Unfortunately , it’s only streaming on Tidal so I can’t embed it here. But , you can peep it in this link.
Side note, releasing stuff on just Tidal and Apple music…I get why people do it but…goddamn…making music like an exclusive country club is just the worst. Especially if you’re a miser, like I apparently am. But,i digress…
What do you think of this song? Here’s a little poll. There is a wide variety of choices so feel free to vote for more than one option. It’s a free country guys.

Yay or Nay: This Pusha T Song that sounds like Mase

So, the Pusha T album dropped and I haven’t listened to it yet. While there have been some decent singles, I’m of the mind set that he’s been mailing it in for a while (or watering it down, whatever you prefer) so I can’t say I’m super hyped on checking it out. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Clipse and still think dude can rap his ass off I just don’t have anything telling me to rush and peep the album.
Yesterday, the internet was buzzing about one song in particular. A song called “Let me love you” where Pusha does a spot on impression of Mase. And when I say spot on, I mean I legit thought it was Mase in the second verse. Pusha wasn’t trying to bite though as the song was openly posed as an homage to the Harlem rapper turned pastor turned pastor rapper turned who the fuck knows what he’s doing right now.
Anyway, here’s the thing…as an underground rap guy, I’ve had a weird relationship with Mase. Some of you may be too young to know/recall this but in the mid/late 90’s the was a serious divide between underground/indy rap and mainstream shit. This was before the Neptunes and Timbaland revolutionized how popular rap sounded. In fact, this was more when those guys just started making waves. This was the era of Diddy and Mase prancing around in silver spacemen suits , while rapping over famous R&B loops. As an underground head , at the time, I loathed that shit. Admittedly, I was being a closed minded purist asshole about it and simply turning my back on anything that would be considered “popular”. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of really bad rap on the radio back then. Puffy was never a good rapper. Jarule always sucked. But Mase? I was straight up wrong about him. He was no Rakim but definitely had something. At some point in the early 2000’s, my ferocious opinions on what was right and wrong in hip hop just sorta stopped mattering to me. I began to judge things less on why they exist and more on simply what it is. During that time, I rediscovered Mase. And, while I didn’t become a huge fan, I got it. Mase had something. His lazy flow that sounded almost down syndrome like finally made sense to me when I removed all the “underground till I die”” pretense. He was nonchalant and amusing.

I write all that cause I’m sure some of you feel the same way minus the whole “I got it later” part. Mase is still a name that makes certain people cringe. Which is too bad but I understand.
So, here we are, with Pusha T rapping like Mase and I, for one, Kinda love it. He basically was a better version of Mase, which is pretty awesome.
So, my question to you is, what do you think about it?
Here’s the video: