Yay or Nay: Old rappers doing good?

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I’mma be honest. I signed off on both Q-tip and Busta Rhymes a looooooooong time ago. Like a decade , at least. Sure, Busta can still rap and Tip can still make beats but…I dunno…the thrill has been gone for me for a while and I assumed it had left the building for good.
Well, then they go and drop this song. It’s fun. Busta sounds good. Tip sounds good. The beat is a throw back in a good way. what the fuck is going on here. This isn’t supposed to happen. Or is it? Perhaps, like so many other talented artists who have tried to stay relevant, these dudes had this in them the entire past decade but were opting to make music to appeal to a different generation. It’s totally possible. Whatever the case, the fact they could make an enjoyable song together in 2013 is pretty impressive to me. I assumed they peaked when they made this back in the 90’s:

Am i wrong? What do you think of this song?

Song of the day 1/28/11

On the road Again REMIX By The Jungle Brothers (feat. Q-Tip)

Yeah dude, I am on the road. So I chose this song. Not exactly rocket science. Great song though. Somehow, I imagine the Jungle Brothers and Q-tip’s touring experience to be slightly different than mine though. I’m not sure if that means it had more incense and “chill vibes” or if it was a non-stop drug fueled orgy but I just see it as different. I suppose I’ll never know.