Quelle Chris is a “Yay”. I don’t even need to poll it.

There’s two things I should say before I even start this:
1)I’m super late to the game on Quelle Chris. I blame no one but myself
2)This is more a celebration of the man under the guise of a “Yay or nay” post, I just felt he needed some sort of shine. So, fuck your polls ,guys (pause). I’m not even giving you the option to hate on this shit and make me argue with you in the comment section (well, let’s be honest, that option always exists). Just peep the dudes stuff.

So, yeah, Quelle Chris. It’s a name I’ve been seeing for a while and , honestly don’t know why I never checked for him. I’m stubborn like that. But I recently listened to him on the “Shots Fired” podcast and dude had me cracking up so I figured “Hey, maybe he’s a good rapper?”. Ding ding ding! Dude is dope. He also picks/makes dope ass beats on some Madlib/MF Doom type shit. Nice loops. Sometimes that’s all you need. He even made a good song about weed. Do you know how hard that is? That’s like making a good song about the dream you had last night that no one cares about.
His newest album “Niggas is men” is available and I highly suggest it. It’s weird in the best way possible all while maintaining a grasp on traditional hip hop shit. Peep it:

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