Song of the day 7/6/11

I should tell ya momma on you (chops remix) By Red

Before there was “The man with golden voice“, there was “The man without the machine“. I’m pretty sure a decent amount of you are familiar with both this song and this guy. I’m no expert on him but, from what I recall, Red was some homeless dude who was filmed singing this song on the street. To say he has a distinct voice would be an understatement. Anyway, after the clip from above went viral, people did what people do now and found this dude to milk him for a little more of that magic. The result is this song. I can’t front. This shit is catchy. Like, dangerously so. The kind of thing that will have anyone living with you tell you to shut the fuck up cause they are sick of hearing you try and sing this song.
I dunno what’s happened to red since this came out. I’m pretty sure he’s not rich and famous now. I wouldn’t be shocked if he went the way of the “Man with the golden voice”. If anyone knows, feel free to fill me in on that. I was kinda hoping he would become the new Nate Dogg and make hip hop hooks exciting again. Oh well…