Song of the day 4/20/11

True to my heart By Keith Hudson

Hey dewds! It’s 4/20! You know what that means? Weed nerds rejoice and pretend that a day and/or time matter in their pot consumption! Hooray!
Okay, yeah, today is that day. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m not a weed smoker. In fact, I think people who make a lifestyle out of it are pretty fucking corny. Nothing wrong with smoking weed but getting excited for 4/20? really? Do you just around reading High Times all day, taking bong hits and reminiscing about other great times when you were really high?
However, I am a man of the people so for today’s song of the day, I give you a little dubby goodness courtesy of Keith Hudson. Cause if there is one thing weed people and I can usually agree on, it’s our appreciation of good music. Unless they’re deadheads or some shit, in which case I simply don’t get it.
So, light up your hooka to this joint , and let Jah massage your prostate into oblivion. Bo! Bo! Bo! Lordamercy!
Btw, it’s pretty cool that I found a pic of K. Hudson actually smoking weed, right? He’s just like you!!!

Song of the day 11/25/10

Be thankful for what you got By Donovan Carless

Yeah…I did it. I realize there could not be a cornier move than making this my song of the day on thanksgiving but, what can I say? It is. Hell, I wouldn’t be shocked if I had already made this a “song of the day”, but it’s simply TOO PERFECT. It’s not even the original William Devaughn version.
At least I didn’t pick that Alanis Morissette song!
Enjoy your fuckin’ turkey, I’m having pork this year.

Song of the day 8/13/10

Ain’t no love (in the heart of the city) By Al Brown

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you might know that I’m a sucker for a good old cover song. Here’s a dope reggae version of Bobby Blue Bland’s classic that was made even more popular by Jay-Z’s sampling of it.
After all, it is reggae fridays.

Song of the day 7/2/10

Crying every night By Stranger Cole

This song is fairly well known due to it getting sampled by Hi-tek a decade or so ago. still, It’s a dope song and , beyond the loop, is worthy of some love. Also, how fucking ill does Stranger Cole look nowadays. Jesus. He makes Gil scott Heron look like Justin Bieber.