Song of the day 6/1/12

Jewels on it By Wais P (featuring Roc Marciano)
I had no idea who Wais P was prior to hearing this song but this is a good start. Aside from the beat sounding like something Buckwild might have made in 93 (which is a good thing, in my book) , Wais does a nice job complimenting the track. Even better, is Roc Marciano who sounds like he was born to rock over tracks exactly like this. Speaking of which, Man, I miss the days of xylophone/vibraphone beats…I dunno what happened to them. Perhaps the jazz crates got so thoroughly mined that a good xylophone/vibraphone sample is hard to find nowadays. I certainly rarley come by one any more. In honor of those days, here’s some videos of beats with xylophones and vibraphones

You get the idea. I could do this all day.

Song of the day 10/27/11

Emcees By Roc Marciano
I’ve been running Roc Marciano’s album “Marcberg” a lot lately. It took me a little time to “get it”, in the sense that I thought he was just kind of a typical Queens rap dude with a really bad choice of rap name. In fact, I’d been hearing his name for a long time but never bothered to check him out cause I was biased against rappers who name themselves after italian people. But, once I realized he was actually extremely dope and , possibly, one of the last guys doing real official NYC street shit, I was hooked. People speak of “Winter music” and this album is that to a tee.
However , this song of the day is something a little different. I don’t even remember where I got this from but I’m pretty sure it’s somewhat older than most of the stuff he did on “Marcberg”. It’s also somewhat happier. Maybe that’s why it didn’t make the album? Whatever the case, I like it.

As a bonus, while we’re on the topic of NYC street shit , I just wanted to post this video of “Cold Facts” By K.A.

If you’re an extreme hip hop nerd you might recognize the name from some old Natural elements songs. He was the raspy voiced guy that you probably always wished wasn’t on the song. Well, it’s like 14 years later and , I gotta say, dude has improved greatly. The vibe of this song is straight ominous and he kills it. Much like the Winter music by Roc , this is something I can see myself blasting in my Ipod while trudging through snowy streets at 1 am.