Song of the day 1/26/12

Out getting Ribs By King Krule
This hasn’t been a very rappy week on the blog so, if you’re here for that, I apologize. Don’t worry, things will get back to their rappy ways in no time.
This weeks song of the day may or may not be a well known song. I really don’t know. I suppose it depends who you are. If you’re like me, it’s pretty new. What sets it apart from my typical “song of the day” choices is that it’s a new rock (I guess that’s what you could call it) song. The artist is a young ginger from the UK, formally known as Zoo Kid, but now known as King Krule. I’ve heard he’s 17. That could be true…or not. I dunno. Look it up if you really give a shit. All I know is that he looks 13, is the gingeriest ginger alive but sings like he’s Joe Strummer.

You know when you hear and song and immediately know you’re going to be singing it in your head for the rest of the week? This was that song for me. And, it’s rare that i like much new music, let alone some rock shit. It’s never been my flavor but this type of song is right the wheelhouse for me. It’s bluesy, it’s melancholy, and somewhat off center. I dunno..I hope you rap loving people can appreciate something like this and not turn it off the second you watch the video above cause it looks like a baby Rick Astley is about to serenade you.
as a bonus, here’s some live footage of this song where, mid song, he tunes his guitar on stage. Dunno why but I fucking love that he did that.

Song of the day 9/1/11

Cry By Godley And Creame
How’s this for something a little different? I feel like I’ve put this song up here before in some way or another but I’d imagine that link is dead by now.
If you’re old, you probably know this song, and better yet, you probably remember the disturbing video seen above. This was one of those weird 80’s things that had a profound effect on me when I was a kid. To put it in perspective, when that video dropped, people were impressed by it’s revolutionary effects. Yeah…Then Michael JAckson made the “Black or white” Video and all of a sudden this depressing yet simple effect was turned into a facial delivered by the people at Benetton. But even now, the video still manages to capture those same feelings it did when I was a kid. It’s kinda creepy.
If you’re young and this song sounds familiar, it’s cause it’s in GTA: Liberty City. While it’s cool they put it in there, I have a feeling your view of this song is slightly altered by the fact you’ve listened to it while murdering hookers and running over random pedestrians.
Anyway, to me, this is what emo shit should sound like. It’s depressing but still has a drive to it. It’s pretty at points and stays away from The cure/Depeche mode territory, which I appreciate. If you, at this very moment, are sitting around wallowing about some fucked up relationship issue, this song may not make you feel better, but it’s nothing if not relatable. Enjoy. And stop crying , you pussy.

Song of the day 3/25/11

Love Dog By Tv on The Radio
It’s rare that I do bump newer music, Especially, non-rap shit. But there are exceptions. Tv on The Radio is pretty fucking great and this song has been getting tons of run for me lately. As usual, I’m certainly behind and I realize this song is old by now but, fuck it, I like it.
And, you know what? If you’re one of those assholes who turns against every thing that gets mildly popular , regardless of if it’s good or not, you tend to miss out on some really great shit. Fickle hipsters should never dictate anyone’s taste.
Is there even a Tv on The Radio backlash? Who knows. If there isn’t, I’m pre-emptively saying “shut the fuck up” to whoever starts it.

Song of the day 2/11/11

Thinking on the mind By Little Barrie
This is a song that randomly found it was into my I-tunes a few years back. I’m not sure if this group is still around or even came out but they were supposed to be the next big thing (To be honest, they could be wildly popular and I wouldn’t know) . This was made around the time The Strokes were hitting huge and record labels were losing their minds trying to find someone to carry the torch. Well, apparently, Little Barrie wasn’t it but this song was always dope to me.

SOTH: The Non Rap shit.

Here’s a collection of the first songs I dropped on here for my “Song of the day”. Yesterday was the rap stuff, today is the “other” stuff. Ranging from old soul to weirdo shit , But all good in their own way.
1)I only have love: Syl Johnson
2)Comin’ Home Baby: Mel Torme
3)Black satin amazon fire engine cry baby: Kain (this song is hilarious, you should know that before listening to it)
4)Do it again: Waylon Jennings
5)Tell me why (our love turned cold): Willie Hutch
6)I’m Coming Home: The Peddlers
7)State Trooper: Bruch springsteen
8)The time for us: Joe Pass
9)Dames a dime a dozen: Beat the devil
10)Ordinary guy: Joe Bantaan
11)The crickets sing for ana maria:Marcos Valle
12)Remix MEdley1: Tugboat
13)Ursalina: Bill cosby

Song of the day 8/20/10

Monster By The Vitamen
The Vitamen are band from Brooklyn who may or may not still be together. I honestly don’t know. This song popped up on my I-tunes today and I had totally forgotten about it. I think this is one that anyone who has ever gotten too drunk, or known that guy who always gets to drunk, can relate to.
That “kicking garbage cans over lunatic” kind of drunk that most people can relate to on some level.
Cheers to being that guy…but also fuck him cause who likes a belligerent asshole?

Song of the day 7/22/10

I never cared for you By Willie Nelson

Now, Before you roll your eyes and just skip this song cause it’s by Willie Nelson and you only like break records, give it a chance.
I’m no country music aficionado , in fact I think most of it sucks but there are always a few jewels that pop up. This song is Willie doing his little spanish guitar thing. It’s dope.
Also, if any of you know of good country music (older stuff) that fits into the “not music for dumb rednecks” spectrum, lemme know about it. I’ve really only scratched the surface of the genre and I’m sure there are tons of good shit out there I’m missing.

Song of the day 7/8/10

Get thy bearing By Donovan

Donovan is my motherfuckin’ man. I slept on him well into my late 20’s and then was given a cd of his that totally changed all my misconceptions of the man. Sure, he’s a touch derivative of Bob Dylan and The Beatles but he’s very much his own artist. This song in particular is a weird one. Known more for his folk leanings, this is some weird Jazz infused rock type shit.

Song of the day 6/23/10

Green eyed monster, Grey eyed fool By Beat The Devil

I think one of the first “song of the day” posts I ever did was a Beat the Devil song. You should go find it. It’s a great song. Here is another. Beat the Devil is a now defunct New York group that put out an awesome EP (available on I-tunes) and a Full length and then decided to call it quits. It’s really too bad cause they were really onto something. Lead singer Shilpa Ray has one of those completely original and rare voices and she uses it well…oh, and she plays the harmonium. She now has a band called Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers.
Bassist Mishka Shubaly is also a very talented guy and has been making solo music for a while , as well as working with a few other bands.