Song of the day 7/22/10

I never cared for you By Willie Nelson

Now, Before you roll your eyes and just skip this song cause it’s by Willie Nelson and you only like break records, give it a chance.
I’m no country music aficionado , in fact I think most of it sucks but there are always a few jewels that pop up. This song is Willie doing his little spanish guitar thing. It’s dope.
Also, if any of you know of good country music (older stuff) that fits into the “not music for dumb rednecks” spectrum, lemme know about it. I’ve really only scratched the surface of the genre and I’m sure there are tons of good shit out there I’m missing.

Song of the day 7/8/10

Get thy bearing By Donovan

Donovan is my motherfuckin’ man. I slept on him well into my late 20’s and then was given a cd of his that totally changed all my misconceptions of the man. Sure, he’s a touch derivative of Bob Dylan and The Beatles but he’s very much his own artist. This song in particular is a weird one. Known more for his folk leanings, this is some weird Jazz infused rock type shit.

Song of the day 6/23/10

Green eyed monster, Grey eyed fool By Beat The Devil

I think one of the first “song of the day” posts I ever did was a Beat the Devil song. You should go find it. It’s a great song. Here is another. Beat the Devil is a now defunct New York group that put out an awesome EP (available on I-tunes) and a Full length and then decided to call it quits. It’s really too bad cause they were really onto something. Lead singer Shilpa Ray has one of those completely original and rare voices and she uses it well…oh, and she plays the harmonium. She now has a band called Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers.
Bassist Mishka Shubaly is also a very talented guy and has been making solo music for a while , as well as working with a few other bands.

Song of the day 6/14/10

Happiness is a warm gun By The Beatles

You know when you don’t listen to a song for a long , long time to the point where you forget it, even though you loved it as a youth? Ok, well how bout when you kinda liked that song as a youth , but when you re-listen to it and it’s better than you ever remember it being? Case in point, this song. Seriously, how fucking dope is the song?
I know way to many Beatles haters. I get not liking the early cream puff shit (i’m with you) but the post-bang having, druggie Beatles are fucking great.

Song of the day 6/7/10

Rich Folks Hoax By Rodriguez
Rodriguez (AKA Sixto Diaz Rodriguez) was once famous…in Australia. His song “sugar man” was a hit in the early 70’s. Even though he was from detroit, his career never really took off in the states. This is unfortunate cause his album “cold fact” is a pretty great piece of work. He blended folk with a bugged out (IE DRUGS) psych rock edge. This song is a great example of it cause it starts out as a typical folk song but half way through it’s already somewhere different , musically.

Song of the day 6/4/10

Next By Scott Walker
The first time I heard this song I was driving cross country on tour. We were probably about half way through the tour and the music selection in the van had begun to stray away from safe choices and into things a touch more “avant garde”. When this song came on, I barely noticed but about 16 bars in I started hearing what the guy was saying…and HOLY SHIT was he a crazy person. On first listen it sounded like the insane ramblings of army veteran over a sweeping , almost show tune like, backdrop. From there, I got obsessed with the song and listened to it over and over again during the tour. Turns out, while Scott Walker was indeed a crazy person (apparently he lost his mind while trying to make an epic “Smile” like album after getting a shitload of money from some major label and he never even finished a record for them), this song was not an example. In fact, it was a cover of a song by some french guy ( I think it was jacques Brel). It was translated and everything. At least that’s what I have been told by more than a few people. It kinda bummed me out.
But regardless of all that, this song still plays as a man completely losing his mind to a show tune. It’s seriously funny but also a generally dope song. Peep it.