Song of the day 5/18/10

Who can I say you are By Morly Grey
I honestly know nothing about this song or group but it somehow found it’s way into my I-Tunes and whenever it comes on, I let it ride. That’s pretty rare nowadays. On top of that, The weather outside is terrible today and this seems like a proper “sitting inside while is pisses rain all over” kinda song.

Song of the day 5/12/10

Sweet green fields By Seals and Croft
I have a special place in my heart for songs that get sampled by huge hits that also happen to be mad corny. This is a prime example. The beat for “Put you hands where my eyes can see” Is pretty much a classic. This is the song it came from. Now, this song start off well enough. quite promisingly , in fact. But as it goes on, like so many other sampled songs before it, it takes a turn into cornville. Normally this would lead me to not listen to that song again but , for some reason, I like the corniness of this song. It’s like something disco/country muppets would sing. Who knows?

Song of the day 4/23/10

Sing swan song By Can
I find it kinda funny that this song was subtly “sampled” by Kanye on his song “drunk and hot girls”. Its funny cause this song is awesome and that song is pretty terrible. But it is kinda cool that kanye even knew about this to sample it in the first place. So, points for that , I suppose.

Song of the day 4/6/10

Lotion By The Greenskeepers
I don’t know much about these guys. I’ve heard they’re some sort of Techno group and this song is just a one off. Honestly, I’m too lazy to really investigate. All i know is that they made this awesome song based on everyone’s favorite scene in “Silence of the lambs” and it is not at all Techno-like in any way. I think that’s alI I need to know.