Song of the day 3/9/10

New York mining disaster 1941 By The Bee-Gees

Most hip hop producers go nuts over finding other producers samples. It’s a fun little game we play and i’m no different. This song isn’t exactly some “deep in the crates” shit but what makes it worthwhile is that, unlike most songs people sample, it’s actually a good song. Not to emntion, people often over look the bee gee’s as some disco hacks, when in fact they were more just Beatles dick riders. Waaaaaaay different.
The beat Necro made out of it pretty great as well…

Song of the day 2/9/11

Ramblin’ man By Hank Williams

It’s funny, but the first time i listened this song I was in a cracker barrel. Yup…I mean, i had heard it before but i never really listened to it. It was quietly leaking through the Cracker Barrel speakers and it just caught my ear. I was on tour at the time and the second i got into a hotel with some internet access i bought it on I-tunes (cause i support yo!). ironically, I had to illegally download the album to throw this song up here cause I-tunes files don’t play that “free upload” shit.

Song of the day 2/2/10


A silver key can open an iron lock somewhere By Liliput
I first heard this song while on tour. One of the guys in my van had their IPOD on random and this came on. It immediately jumped out to me and was all over it. Admittedly, I know nothing about them…until now (thanks I-tunes history!)
Apparently, this group is from switzerland and never made another song like this one. They were usually known for more rocked out , electric guitar type shit, while this song is disco like in pace and very melodic.
Whatever the case, this song is my shit. Even if i only understand half the words.