Song of the day 1/20/12

My Homie By ScHoolboyQ

I don’t really know much about ScHoolboyQ. I just heard him for the first time this week and I’m kinda on the fence. His album “Habits and contradictions” is getting lots of love on these interwebz so I figured I’d peep it and see what all the noise is about. It’s definitely got some great joints on it but I dunno if I’m sold 100%. I say this cause, at times, he’s kinda typical as a rapper. However, other times i feel like he really hits on something interesting (which is really a lot of what I look for in rappers today, just for them to be interesting) I feel his saving grace is that he’s kind of a weirdo. To me, nothing can beat when a thugged out dude is slightly strange cause it’s like the best of both world. No nerdy pretentiousness but it’s also not all just rhyming “gun” with “run” and “Niggaz” with “triggaz”.

This song in particular is a look at what happens when friends sell you out. To you or I, this could mean some bullshit over a girl or talking shit behind your back. To SchoolboyQ, it means ratting to the cops. While this may seem like territory that has been thoroughly covered in rap songs, there’s something refreshing about how Schoolboy puts it. It’s relatable without being overly dramatic or emo.

I’m curious what you guys think about this guy. Well???