This week in Ridiculous music: Sean Fury

Listen, no one is getting any younger. We all have hopes and dreams that will never be fulfilled. Especially of the artistic variety. I’d imagine, back in the day, men in their mid/late 30’s who still had that ember burning inside them to become rock stars would gather the other local dads and join a band. Perhaps they might play a few shows at a local pub, to the minor annoyance of every one of their friends forced to come out and support that. In fact, that surely is still a common thing. But, in the youtube age, who needs a band? All you need is a song and a camera. Not only can you make the music you always wanted but you can also spread it to a wider audience than you ever imagined. To downside of that is that that audience is most likely laughing at you ,not with you. Let’s be honest, that’s entire basis of this reoccurring column on my blog. Delusional people making music for the masses.
In case of Sean Fury, he’s not less talented than your average shower singer. He’s not terrible like Ice JJ fish or the “Why must I cry” guy. Not even in the same spectrum as those guys (To start, he’s not learning disabled). But what makes him special is that he is a salesmen.

Watching this video , it’s clear his heart is behind what he’s doing. From the dance moves to the serious glares into the camera all the way to song , which is clearly about a girl he’s probably in love with. By the way, she’s bi-racial. Sean Fury has the passion. So what if he looks like a dude who does IT and dressed for his video like he was on his way to pick up some bagels from Costco? The dude means what he says.
Sean Fury is every man. He’s just like you or me. Sometimes Sean Fury gets too drunk and acts out but he regrets it the next day. He’s a loving father (I’m assuming). Sean fury loves his dog. Sometimes, he enjoys a beer while watching a sporting event with his friends. Sean Fury is no stranger to a hearty laugh. If you got hit by a car, Sean Fury would the first guy to pull out his cell phone and call 911. Even before he snapped a pic! He’s a flawed but , ultimately, a good man just trying to live his life. Only thing missing? A bi-racial girl. Well, I’m rooting for him to find the Lisa Bonet to his Lenny Kravitz. Cause he deserves love just like the rest of us.

And in case you feel like criticizing the dude, here’s his answer to all that noise…