SelfSays “April”

Selfsays is a dope rapper from detroit. A while back he released an EP called “Something out of nothing” that caught my ear. Since then, I’ve done a few songs with him, including a few on his brand new EP “April”. That’s available here:

So check him out. Especially all of you people who constantly complain about how there’s no good new rap. Well, here some is!

Song of the day 3/30/12

Move something by Mystikal & Mannie Fresh

In my continued effort to get Mystikal’s Career back on track, I give you his newest song (as far as I know). Sure, the guy went to jail for sexual assault and extortion. That’s pretty bad. But , and I say this with 100 % sincerity, he’s easily one of my favorite rappers alive so I’ll just act like Chris Brown and R. Kelly fans and pretend that shit never happened. This song is one of those good feeling kinda joints, even when Mystikal is rapping about how he’s 40 and can’t party like he used to. I , for one, appreciate the honesty.
Also, who makes better hooks than Manny Fresh? NO ONE, bro.

Anyway, in case this isn’t your cup of tea, here’s a little bonus. My homeboy Selfsays from Detroit made this video, so I figured I’d share with all of you. Enjoy…

Peep this posse cut I just produced

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may have noticed me mention this website from time to time. Not only is it my favorite message board on the internet, it’s also responsible for both the TROY blog and Steady bloggin’. Two very dope blogs that you should all be checking. Anyway, as I was saying, I’m all over that message board. In fact, chances are, if I post a video up here, I saw it there first. Beyond just being an awesome source for funny shit, it’s also full of talented mc’s. When Jason gloss, The sites owner and Bauce , hollered at me about giving them a beat for a posse cut featuring various artists who frequent the site, I jumped on it. The talent pool is deep there so it was really a no brainer.
So, here ya go. PhilaFlava posse cut 2010
Godamus Rhyme
Cadence Weapon
Rob Sonic
Piff Tannen
Mike Eagle
(produced by me)