Yay or Nay:Chimurenga Renaissance

You know, sometimes things just fly right under the radar. I always try to be alert about such music but, hey, I’m only one man. Now, this project is something I literally heard about for the first time yesterday even though it’s been out almost a year now. Go figure.

If you’re into abstract rap shit, you’re probably aware of Shabazz Palaces. It’s the reincarnation of Digable Planets rapper “Butterfly” (now known as “Ish) and it is fantastic. He dropped a few ep’s and a full length over the last few years. If you like weird rap with a slight electro yet organic edge , I can’t recommend it enough.

So, yesterday, I discover he’s involved with a new project. Admittedly, I have no idea what’s really going on here but I’ve been told this is a side project from Tendai (a member of Shabazz palaces?). The album I’m linking here is just him but, apparently, the new album will be him, Ish and some other guy. Regardless, it’s pretty interesting stuff.
The first song I’m posting actually features Ish but the rest of the album is a solo album by Tendai.
Just a heads up, the instrumental part goes on for a while so, you might wanna skip ahead if you have a short attention span and wanna hear the actual rapping. Apparently, Tendai has adopted Ish’s flair for very long intros. It’s interesting cause the production is out there while the rapping is seemingly standard. Though, I’d argue there is more to him than one might presume from his first 4 bars.

Here’s a new song from the upcoming project:

Here’s a link to the whole album:

So, what do you think?

Heads up NYC, I gotta show this week.

This is an interesting one. It’s at the Natural History Museum this Friday. I’ve never gone to one of these show/parties but I’ve a heard good things. Also, I’m opening for Shabazz Palaces AKA Ish AKA Butterfly from Digable Planet. I’ve written him up on this blog before and I’m really psyched to see him live. In case you missed it, here are some clips of his new shit:

Anyway, I’ve been told I go on around 10. I’m playing for an hour. Come out. If you saw me play in NYC earlier this year, I’m not gonna lie, it’s a similar set. But if you missed it, this might be a good one to check out.

Shabazz Palaces

It’s rare that a rap artist from the early 90’s comes back onto the scene a decade plus later and still seems relevant. An example of this kind of freak occurrence would be Shabazz Palaces. Formally known as Butterfly from Digable Planet and later known as Ish, S.P. is his reincarnation. He recently signed to Sub Pop Records and has an album coming out in the near future.
The ill thing, to me, about this resurgence is that I never really though the former Butterfly was all that. I think Digable planets made two solid albums (For more on that peep my “ask me about old rap” entry) but it was more about the vibe and the beats for me. Well, Ish seems to have stepped his shit up big time and now sounds like an angrier and more focused Q-tip.
Here’s a video that was made as promotion for his upcoming album

Also, here’s a song he did that I really like:

Finally, and I swear to god shmod that this is not the reason I wrote this, I’m opening for him in NYC on October 15th at the natural history museum. For more info, go here and pee the upcoming events: