Dirt Nasty: What’s the verdict?

If you’re an actual rap fan who takes this shit at all seriously, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Dirt Nasty. Or, if you have, you probably think he’s the worst. I understand. I don’t agree, but I get it. Dirt Nasty is the rap persona of former MTV VJ and Actor* Simon Rex. He’s been making music for a long time now and built quite a following amongst low lives and women who want to have sex with him.
As a rapper, I’d say he’s best known for this song:

It’s pretty much the white Cali guy version of “How to rob…”. Sure, not every joke hits but I gotta say, I find the guy pretty funny. As a person who enjoys both rapping and low brow parody, this kinda thing is right up my alley. I know, as a white dude doing jokey rap, you walk a very thin line. It’s a line that often will offend certain people or cause people to immediately write you off as “bullshit”. Purists hate it (I learned this first hand when the Party Fun Action Committee album dropped and was hated by every person alive) and other musicians rarely appreciate it for what it is. While this kinda thing isn’t for everyone, I do lend some of the hate it gets to people just taking themselves and music , as a whole, WAY too seriously. The thing is, when the guy making the jokes is actually a fan of rap music, you can tell. There’s a big difference between Simon Rex making funny rap songs and some random corny indie rock hipster guy making fun of rap by doing cockeyed version of it. The knowledge and appreciation for the music is actually noticeable, no matter how silly the parody may be. Guys like Dirt Nasty and groups like Team Facelift or Das Racist** (and to a lesser extend PFAC as well) are a weird new breed of funny rap.
People who obviously grew up listening to hip hop , love it but, as the same time, realize the majority of it is a complete joke and needs to made fun of. They’re way more insiders than they’re given credit.
For instance, Here’s Simon Rex and Andy Milonokis doing a Grind Time battle Bit.

They’re just taking the piss out of the whole process of Grind Time. Something I think even people who do Grind Time can appreciate.
Rex’s whole shtick is a dude who does mass amounts of drugs , fucks every girl in the world and genuinely doesn’t give a fuck. I really can’t say how much of this is real (as I’ve heard he does , in fact, fuck every girl in L.A.) but I think it’s kinda awesome that a dude who could have very well had a decent acting career opted to say fuck that shit and just do him. Like a real life Joaquin Phoenix (with much less initial fame). Not just that he did it, but he seems to be fairly successful doing it. Living the dream, yo!
I mean , this dude was on MTV , introducing Jewel videos and now he does hit like this:

To me , that’s a huge upgrade.

Anyway, I was curious what people honest opinions on him were. Do you hate him as much as I think you do?

Aside from some roles here and there in actual movies , he was also known for appearing in a solo masturbation porno film when he was in his late teens. This movie was aimed at gay dudes and is pretty fucking suspect but hey, I’m assuming he needed the money. It’s funny that anyone would take that much of an issue with this considering most male porn stars from years past did straight up gay porn (Peter North being a good example) as a stepping stone into straight porn. I’d say that much worse than just jerking off on camera, while alone.

The link embedding process on here is very moody and right now , it’s being a bitch. so here’s a Das Racist video: