Introducing The Mighty Jones

As you may or may not be aware of, I’ve been slowly and quietly working on a side project with a female vocalist for some years now. In fact, since the idea began, I’d say it’s been about 5 years now. The project is not just the singer and I, there are other people involved. As a group, we go by “The mighty Jones”. This group consists of me (on the beats) , Joanna Erdos of The Midnight show (on vocals and piano) , Jeremy Gibson AKA Sir Jarlsburg and Jer of Party Fun action Committee (On guitar and bass) and Damian Paris of The Giraffes (on guitar, bass and synths).

To give a little background on this, initially, the group was gonna consist of me, Joanna, Jeremy and a singer named Pierre Michel. Pierre was an amazing singer and songwriter who worked along side Joanna. The two of them had ben writing songs for a while and even recorded some very rough demo’s to beats I had given them. Tragically, Pierre drowned to death shortly after these demo’s were recorded. All of us were pretty fucked up after Pierre’s death and pretty much abandoned the project. Month’s later, Joanna, Jeremy and I started throwing around the Idea of continuing the project. We had some rough recordings of Pierre as well as a bunch of songs framed. So, we forged ahead. Due to busy schedules on all of our parts, the recording took forever. We got about 5 songs done and even managed to salvage some of the vocals Pierre had recorded on a digital 8-track. And that’s when Jer’s hard drive crashed and we lost everything. All we had left were some roughly mixed mp3 versions of the songs we had recorded. After that frustration, we took a little more time off. Eventually, we got out shit together and opted to just make completely new songs. This time around we added the talents of Damian Paris. He’s the same guy who’s played basically all the live instruments on my solo albums.
That long ass story leads me to this. At this point we have about 9 completed songs. Problem is, we don’t really know what to do with them. I don’t think I’m ready to just leak those out just yet though cause there is hope of someone putting this out. However, we still have those old roughly mixed mp3’s. Because those songs are both lost files and way too dated to ever release, I figure I might as well throw them out here. Now, keep in mind, these are ROUGH versions. Some aren’t even totally done. But I felt it would be cool to throw these out here and see what you guys think of them. Also be aware that these songs actually don’t really sound anything like the newer songs. They’re kinda like a different group in many ways but it’ll at least give you an idea of what we were doing and where the idea began. So, here they are. Admittedly, this won’t be for everyone who peeps this blog but I imagine some of you might dig this. lemme know what you think.

1)All my love
2)Blow my mind (feat. Pierre Michel)
3)Drag me down

PS. The pic above is Joanna. I didn’t have a pic of all of us together and I figure you’d all rather look at a pretty girl alone than a pretty girl with three old pieces of shit like Jeremy, Damian and I.

Sir Jarlsberg will change your life


Sir Jarlsburg (pronounced with a strong J) is the brainchild of Jeremy Gibson AKA Jer )of party fun action committee). It’s hard to explain what exactly it is but i’ll give it a shot.
Sir Jarlsburg is a character Jer created a few years ago. basically, he is a man from the medieval times who travels across the land telling stories and describing all that he sees in his travels. he also happens to rap and sing in an olde english unlike anything i’ve ever heard before. does that make sense? probably not. it’s really something you need to hear to understand, and even then, it’s something i suggest you sit with a while to truly absorb what is going on. to put it simply, this shit is completely fucking insane. the kind of thing you could play for children but could also be appreciated by rap nerds alike.
Jer is in the midst of putting a complete album together as this character and thus far the songs have been crazier and crazier as he goes along. here’s a zipfile with what he’s got so far. peep it:

1)a tragic tale
2)the clouds in the valley
3)quite a day at the market
4)a wonderful wonderful river
5)My dartmoor pony
6)the gnome

also, peep his myspace if you wanna test out the songs before you download: