So much good in this

This is making it around the internet like crazy but I figured i’d throw it up here for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.
There is just so much good in this video right here.
1)The dudes name is “Young Humma”. Major PAUSE right there.
2)He looks like a Stallionaire . All my shitty VH1 watching heads know what I’m talking about. If not, google “Real and chance” and you will see.
3)This is one of those awesome “is this serious or not?” kinda videos. While I do think he’s not kidding, there is an air of this being the straight man’s version of “what what in the butt“. But really, for all we know, this dude just may be the funniest person alive.
4)The youtube comments on this are pretty golden. I mean , they always are good but these are all over the place.
5) If the term “smang” becomes popular because of this, I will be delighted. What the world always needs is another way to say “fuck. The cool thing about “smang” is that it’s exact. If A dude tells a girls he will Smang it , she pretty much knows what she’s getting into. Whatever it is , it involves the mashing of genitals.
6) “I’mma have you lookin’ like a wild thornberry” May be the abstract lyrical miracle of all time.
7)The fact this video was filmed in an empty white room coupled with the high chances that shit dude used to be a male stripper is pretty awesome. It all comes together into “The worlds, loneliest and creepiest lapdance” as performed by a construction worker on his lunch break.

As I said, SO SO SO good.