Tim and I discuss music and stuff: SNL Edition

Over the past week, tim AKA Alaska and I got in a heated discussion about SNL cast members. We’re both long time fans of the show and mostly agreed with each other. That was until it was bought to my attention that Alaska thought Kristen Wiig and Fred Armison were terrible. Now, this cause a back and forth on twitter between us that can only be described as “twitter like”.
So, this week, we did a special edition of our weekly column and focused on out favorite and most slept on SNL Characters. It’s all rosey and sweet until we reach the part where I post vids of Wiig and Armison and we each make a case for why or why not we think these two performers are awesome/terrible.
Honestly, Tim could have bought science and math into it and I still could not disagree more with pretty much every point he makes but, hey, to each his own. But, seriously, he’s completely insane and categorically incorrect. How do I know this? He didn’t think Jimmy Fallon sucked. CASE CLOSED, BRAH.

Here’s the link: