Re-up: Mix tapes for girls

Cute Little Baby Boy Proposing A Little Girl HD
(So I did these 4 mixes and write ups about 3 or 4 years ago. Just happened upon them again, saw the links were dead so figured I’d re-up them. All the writing is from the original posts ,with a few edits made. I added and removed a few songs cause some of the older song files got corrupted years ago)

Some of you are probably too young to even know this was once a thing, but there was a time when making a mix for a girl was every sucker-for-love types go to move. I’m not talking about putting together a soulless playlist on I-tunes and exporting it into a some girls external hard drive. I’m talking about sitting by a cassette player, dubbing songs from cd’s and tapes onto a cassette or cd. I’m talking about writing down the song titles and artists with your bare hands on that paper fold out that came with the blank cd/cassettes. I’m talking about optional artwork you might add to the cover and maybe even personal notes written to the girl you’re giving the cd/tape to. This took time and thought. You had to literally sit and listen to every song as it recorded and even consider the order of the songs. Often putting songs in a very particular order to somehow purvey a message. It was , in a way, an expression of art and desire , concealed as a casual thing you just did for a buddy. A buddy, I might add, that you wanted to have sex with.

In my mid teens to my mid 20’s, I was shy with girls. Because that was an era when people actually had to talk on the phone and communicate like humans, it wasn’t as easy as it is now. We couldn’t just send a text pic of our cocks and call it a day. We had to actually use words that came out of our mouths. Because that was never entirely in my comfort zone, I always would make girls mixes. If I liked you, I’d make you a mix (unless it was just some girl who had heard another mix I had made for another girl and asked me for one cause she too wanted cool music to listen to).

Making a successful mix for a girl was walking a fine line. You wanted to , first and foremost, give them good music. Music you legitimately enjoy. You also wanted to be subtle. Love songs were a must but making a whole mix of slow jams was kinda presumptuous. You had to spoon feed your intentions. I’d imagine crafting a mix tape that gets across the right emotions without being too overt could be compared to sculpting a bonsai tree. It was about balance. Pretty songs, funny songs, message songs and just songs you liked and wanted to share. It was truly a craft.

When done right, mix tapes would resonate with that girl. To this day, I’d like to think there are girls out there who, when they hear certain songs, they think of my bum ass. That’s the beauty of music really. It sticks around in a persons head and rattles their thoughts. There are still tons of songs I hear all the time that take me to a specific place and time whenever I hear them. A place I would otherwise assume I had long forgotten. With a proper mixtape, it could be like a deep tissue massage for the soul of some girls you once liked. AND , perhaps, they would make out with you because of it.

Another cool thing about making mixes for girls was you could throw on that corny song you secretly like cause, well, there’s a good chance the girl’s music taste would be cornier than yours and like it just as much.
So, I decided to make some mix tapes for girls…Basically, I put together 4 mixes of songs. Each with an angle. Each going for a different vibe. But, fellas, don’t be dissuaded by all this girl talk. These are still, for the most part, awesome songs. Songs that men are allowed to like (well, some of them are straight up embarrassing but that’s the point).

This first one is the more “upbeat” of the mixes. That doesn’t mean it’s for dancing but it has happier moods. This is the mixtape you wanna give a girl that you like, but you’re not crazy serious about. Like, you wanna bone her, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. If nothing else, it’s a good intro mix.
Also, long time readers might be familiar with some of these songs , as I’ve been doing the “song of the day” thing for years now. Sorry about that but that’s how it is. Whatever, stop complaining for once and enjoy it. Free music , dude.

The “What’s up?” mix
1)I only have love: Syl Johnson

2)Artibella:Ken Boothe

3)Fever:Little Willie John

4)Golden Brown: The Stranglers

5)Love that will not die: Johnny “guitar” Watson

6)You’ve made me so very happy: Lou Rawls

7)Why can’t we live together: Timmy Thomas

8)Left with a broken heart: john Holt

9)Missing: Beck

10)Ruby Lee: Bill Withers

11)Sexy Secrets: The Midnight Show

12)You push, I’ll Go: Baby Dayliner
13)I love you all: Frank
14)Season (waiting on you): Future islands (BBNG Remix)

The “Eclectic” mix
This mix is the one you give a girl when you want her to think you’re interesting. There’s no theme. No genre that dominates. It’s a very random collection of songs that a girl will peep and perhaps think, “hmm…this guy is sorta strange. Perhaps i will investigate further”. It spans different era’s, social scenes, moods and ranges from obscure to a song she might have made out with a guy to in college (That song being, “So Anxious”)
Now, because i’m not really a rock and roll kinda guy, you’ll notice that my mixes tend to be kinda thin in that genre. I realize this is a gaping hole in my mixology. I know, the ladies love rock and roll. But the thing about making mixes for girls is that if you try and pander to the girls too much to the point where it’s not even your taste, you’re kinda playing yourself. Go with what you know. And besides, mixes have never been about omissions. They’re all about selections. And a mix like this shows a subtle versatility that a cool girl will pick up on. Even if she doesn’t like some of the songs you chose, she will , at least, respect where you’re coming from.

Also, bare in mind that I’m not “in the loop” with much super current music. If this mix seems like it could have been made 10 years ago, it totally could have. But, hey, a good song should be timeless. Just cause you’ve moved onto to some new genre like shoe-gaze, electro weep-step doesn’t mean that music made 5 years ago is no longer enjoyable.
1)Nightcall: Kavinsky

2)Underwear: The magnetic fields

3)A modern promise: Francis and the lights

4)Aht uh mi hed: Shuggie Otis

5)Sheep: Gonjusufi

6)Cry: Godley and cream

7)I never cared for you: Willie Nelson

8)All i need: Air

9)Baby Bitch: Ween

10)A silver Key…: Lilliput

11)Love Dog: Tv on the Radio

12)I was a a landscape in your dream: Of Montreal

13)Dames a dime a dozen: Beat the devil

14)Hands away: Interpol

15)So anxious: Genuine

16)Innocent when you dream: Tom Waits

The “I’m sorry” mix
This mix for girls is for that special occasion when you’ve fucked up. This is that mix you give to the girl to try and express how devastated you are that she is no longer in your life. It’s the “low blow” of mixes cause it’s full of beautiful and sad songs with all sorts of mixed messages. I’m not gonna lie, there is a sociopath element to making a decent mix tape for a girl. Especially when it’s purpose is to win her back after screwing her over. It’s manipulating emotions and trying to hit nerves that may or may not still be active. When you’ve fucked up , there is only so much “I’m sorry” you can say before it becomes a repetitive. That’s when the “I’m sorry” mix comes in handy.
Not only will it express your feelings better than you could ever do (most likely via a text message, you piece of shit) but it’s relentless. Song after song of heartbreak , regret, or even just a straight up pretty song that strikes a chord . It’s a real test to how dead in the water you are in this relationship cause , if she has any feelings for you still, this should bring them out. If not, the light switch in her head has been flicked and it’s time to move on. Perhaps start working on one of those ” Hey, I’m eclectic and interesting” type mixes for whatever future girl you might encounter
All psychology of this mix aside, these are all awesome songs that actually play as well for a rainy day inside or a bad hangover as they do for burying your face in a pillow and weeping all day. That’s what’s so cool about music. It’s so flexible.
So, here’s the “last hope” mix. Use it wisely.
1)I love you more than you’ll ever know: Donny Hathaway

2)Strong as death (sweet as love): Al Green

3)You are mine: Eddie ray

4)I’ll take care of you: Bobby “Blue” Bland

5)In the rain: The Dramatics

6)Out getting ribs:King Krule

7)With these hands: Les Mccann

8)Free Ride: Nick Drake

9)Just to keep you satisfied: Marvin Gaye

10)Between the bars: Madeleine Peyroux

11)I believe to my soul: Ray Charles

12)Hope there’s someone: Antony and the Johnsons

13)Wayfaring stranger: The Anita Kerr Quartet

14)retrograde:James Blake

”Close it out” mix

This is the final chapter. This is the “close it out” mix. This is you at your most vulnerable. How vulnerable? How bout a fucking James ingram song? yeah…THAT vulnerable. This mix is a blend of well known classics, obscure jewels and just enough corny syrupy shit to top it off perfectly. This is definitely the mix with the most guilty pleasure songs. I mean…it’s hard for me to skip “100 ways” when it comes on my ipod but I’d be embarrassed as fuck if anyone ever actually caught me listening to that song alone.
The one common factor these songs all have is that they play into a mood. Often, with mix tapes, you walk a fine line of romance and sadness. This one has songs like that coming out the ass.
So, enjoy it…and if you’ve used these and haven’t gotten the ass…I really don’t know what to tell you. She’s just not that into you, bro.
1)Colours: Donovan

2)Possibly Maybe Remix: Bjork

3)On Lovers Lane: The Giraffes

4)On a Clear Day: The Peddlers

5)Fire and Rain: The Isley Brothers

6)How come you don’t call me anymore: Prince

7)That’s you my love: Johnny Cool

8)Morning Sunrise:Weldon Irving

9)A change gonna come: Otis Redding


11)Don’t look down: Thundersticks

12)I love you: Eddie Holman

13)Intimate friends: Eddie Kendricks

14)One hundred ways: James Ingram

It’s so cold out, I made a mix

I don’t know where you live but if you’re anywhere near the northeast coast of North America right now, you’re probably wearing long johns and hating life. It’s frigid out and has been for over a week. I’m fairly certain it’s not just us (screw you Australia!). My house is struggling. My heat is week and I’ve slept in a sweater and sweatpants under two comforters the last three nights. In honor of this occasion, I put together a compilation of songs that one could listen to while sitting inside , feeling miserable about the weather , possibly wrapped up in a blanket. Mostly mellow, mostly depressing, these songs can incapsulate the feeling of never wanting to leave your bed.
Over the years, I’ve given away a lot of these types of mixes so, let it be known, there’s a good chance a bunch of these songs are songs I’ve uploaded before. For that, I’m sorry. But, also, it’s free so go fuck yourself. I can’t possible keep track of that kinda stuff. This blog is 4 years old now. It’s got a mind of it’s own.
So, for the rest of you, enjoy these songs. It’s a mix of soul, jazz and a few more random genres thrown in for good measure. There’s even a Bruce Springsteen song on there for christ sake and I don’t even like “The boss”. So, have at it and,most of all, stay warm.

Download here!
1)Colours: Donovan
2)If you let me: Eddie Kendrick
3)I’ll take care of you: Bobby “blue” Bland
4)Help the poor: BB King
5)In the rain: The dramatics
6)Paper Tiger: Beck
7)Soul Lament: Kenny Burrell
8)Spaced Cowboy: Sly and the family stone
9)Winter in America: Gil Scott Heron
10)Young Liars:Tv on the Radio
11)Coffee Cold: Galt Macdermot
12)I cry in the morning: Dennis Olivieri
13)State Trooper: Bruce Springsteen
14)Yesterday is here: Tom Waits
15)You are mine: Eddie Ray
16)Celestial Blues: Andy Bey
17)Free Ride: Nick Drake
18)The time for us: Joe Pass
19)High Street: Magic Carpet
20)Star Children: The mighty RIders
21)The evening news: Cee-lo
22)California Dreaming: Lee Moses
23)Down by the river: buddy Miles
24)Don’t know why: O.V. Wright
25)Isn’t it a pity: The three Degrees
26)Man oh man: The Impressions

Song of the day 1/8/13

Big Boat up the river By Harry Belafonte

Apparently, the east coast is once again about get shit on my the weather gods in the forms of lots of snow. But, you know what? I’m not playing that shit. Instead of sitting about stewing about something I can’t control, I’m gonna just put this song on and Imagine I’m riding a fucking banana boat up some river in wherever Harry Belafonte is always singing about.
Truth be told, Belafonte is the man and often over looked when discussing musical power houses of yesteryear. There’s more to him than Day’O. So, this song if my gift to all those people trudging through the snow/sleet/rain today wishing they could be anywhere but where they are. While you’re going through that, just imagine Harry Belafonte’s crazy ass juggling fresh guavas while getting head from some indigenous women of unknown race. Feels better, right?

Song of the day 1/4/13

It was a very good year By Richie Havens
Here’s an alternate link on the off chance the above one gets taken down…
I gotta admit something. I’ve pretty much ignored the work of Richie Havens my entire life entirely due to mistaking him for someone else. Up until last week, I’m ashamed to say that I always got him and Richie Valens (of La bamba fame) mixed up and just kinda assume he was on some early rock and roll, Big Bopper type bullshit that I had no interest in. Well…fuck me. I was wrong.
I saw “Django Unchained” last week and , in it, there was an amazing cover of “Motherless child”. I had no clue who made it but , lo and behold, it was Richie Havens. Ever since finding that out, I’ve been on a search to find that song. That search has come up empty (anyone out there with an mp3 would be my best friend if they threw a download link in the comments section) but the bright side of it all is that it’s made me delve a little into Mr. Havens Catalogue. Basically, I’ve been sitting and listening to snippets of him on the I-Tunes store all day cause, you know, that’s how you listen to music nowadays when you’re too lazy to deal with spotify.
This particular song jumped out at me as a nice way to start the year in “songs of the day” as , like everyone else, I hope this to be a very good year.
But more than anything, I feel like a dick for sleeping on Richie Havens this long…For shame.

Song of the day 7/27/12

Four Walls By Eddie Holman

I’m pretty sure this was probably one of the first “song of the day” songs I ever posted and with good reason. It’s probably one of my all time favorite songs. I’m also pretty sure that link has been dead for years as Zshare tends to work like that. i figured it would be cool to repost this cause , for one, it’s an amazing song and , secondly, there’s more of a story to it since the last time I posted it.

Around the time I was making “The Music Scene” album, I was deeply obsessed with this song. I didn’t want to sample it cause that tends to ruin songs for me (it’s overkill from a listening perspective) but I wanted to somehow incorporate it. I had the idea of doing a cover of it. Thing is, while I know some singers, I didn’t want to simply try and have some person sing it all normally over a beat. It needed to be different in order for it to not only make it work within the context of the album, but also not ruin the original song for me as a fan.

So, after some consideration, I hollered at my boy Wilder Zoby , of the group Chin Chin. I knew he was nice with the vocoder and a vocoder version of “four walls” would be exactly the right move. Not only would it sound cool but it also would fit perfectly into the theme of “The music scene”. At the time, Autotune was huge in pop music. You couldn’t turn on the tv or radio without hearing some non-singer singing via a computer program. Seeing as my album was somewhat to an ode to how shitty the music scene had gotten, it was a perfect plan to throw on a song using a vocoder (something EXTREMELY different than Autotune but, to the average ear, fairly similar). I knew, once that song was up , some people (shitty music critics and youtube commenters)would jump all over it on some “I can’t believe blockhead is doing a song with autotune!”. That idea was funny to me so that fueled the fire of wanting to get the song done.
So, it happened. Wilder Came in a knocked it out the park. The result was this:

A song that didn’t ruin the original in my eyes , but still works on it’s own. Is it better? Fuck no. But at least its different. Oh and I also got great satisfaction from the times people did diss the song for me trend hopping auto-tune. SUCCESS.

Song of the day 6/22/12

Help the Poor By B.B. King

It’s been a while since I posted a nice , depressing type soul/blues song on here. To be honest, i’ve been somewhat lazy in my seeking out good old soul lately so it’s been mostly a rap kinda year for me. If anyone has a good blog to recommend where they post stuff like this (or rare soul from the 60’s and 70’s) up regularly, lemme know. I need some good shit to sink my teeth into.
Anyway, B.B. King is a legend. You know that. Nothing much else to add to that.

Song of the day 3/16/12

Big dealer by Ballin’ Jack

Looking at the name, you might assume “Ballin’ Jack” is the new ill-named swag rapper. Well, you’re wrong , bro. This is some random rock/soul joint I came across while mining for samples recently. To say me finding songs I actually like during sample mining is rare, would be an understatement. In my life, I’ve probably found like 5. This is cause I tend to not really dig through soul records. Mostly cause, if I like the music, I don’t really wanna sample it.
Whatever the case, this song is dope. I could do the not-lazy thing and wikipedia Ballin’ Jack but , alas, I’m too lazy. It’s pretty shameful on my part but if you rally wanna know more, I’m sure you can figure it out.
Sorry…I’m grumpy today cause I got up at 7 am to catch a flight to San Fran. don’t fuck with a mans sleep.

Song(s) of the day 2/24/12

Poor Wayfaring stranger by Cliff Gober
Poor Wayfaring stranger by The Anita Kerr quartet

About two years ago, when I started this blog, one of the first song’s of the day I did was “Poor wayfaring stranger” by The Anita Kerr Quartet. This song was extremely out of the ordinary for me to choose for many reasons. FOr one, it wasn’t a rap song or an old soul song. Secondly, It was a religious song I found on a record while digging for samples. As a very non-religious person, I’ve sometimes had issues even really getting past that when listening to music where it’s the focus. I mean, i can zone out lyrics pretty well but sometimes all that jeebus talk will seep in and annoy the shit out of me. But that song was undeniably beautiful. Amazing harmonies for an just an overall great song. A little later down the line I discovered the Cliff Gober version on some compilation of Christian soul music. Gober’s version was completely different but equally awesome. I figure, since the link for the original post is dead, I’d do a good old 2 for 1 here and give you both.
On a side note, I ripped the Anita Kerr version right of vinyl and there was a little skip in the record. Nothing I can do about that but, hey, it adds a little authenticity, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!

Song of the day 11/18/11

Listen to the drums By Isaac Redd Holt Unlimited

I haven’t put a soul/funk song up here in a long ass time. Mainly cause I haven’t been hearing much new (but old) stuff lately. Is the internet out of jewels? I hope not. If you got a good blog/website with dope rare old soul/funk/reggae lemme know. I need some new (old) music to listen to.

Anyway, this song is the joint. Enjoy.

Song of the day 9/29/11

Jagger the Dagger By Eugene McDaniels
Let’s be totally honest here. Most of the time, when you hear a song that has been sampled, the song is kinda crappy. It makes sense. Sampling is built around finding that one part of the song you like.The part you want to hear over and over again. More often than not, some of the best loops from some of the greatest hip hop songs were lifted from pretty mediocre music. Jazz fusion crap that becomes a boring show of some guy masturbating with a rhodes for 8 minutes.
On the other side of that, we have songs that get sampled that are just straight up awesome. A song like “Synthetic substitution” or “Blind Alley” have been sampled a billion times each but both original songs are classics in their own right.

This song, falls into a different category. it’s just fucking weird. This sample has been flipped many of times (the gravediggaz, Organized Konfusion, A tribe called quest, ect). The funny thing about it is that it’s a pretty smooth loop. But the actual song has a creepy tone to it. Perhaps cause of the off kilter singing it hits at moments. A chorus of male and female voices that go in and out of tune and sing a song that’s apparently a diss to Mick Jagger. Beef! Any way. I love shit like this and you should too.