New Spark master Tape Is coming and so am I

Get it, “coming”? I should be spelling it with the “Cu” but I don’t wanna too gross in the headline.

So, I’m still on the road and don’t have time to write anything of length but , lucky me, a new Spark master Tape video just dropped and I’m so excited for this shit to drop. Why not share the joy…

To all the people who don’t like it or don’t get it, namaste and all that good shit but I legit haven’t been this excited for an album in a long time.

Yay or Nay? Spark Master Tape

Typically, When I do these “yay or nay” pieces, I tend to have my own set opinion on the artist prior to asking you about it. In this case, I literally just found out about this dude yesterday. Dunno where he’s from or who he’s affiliated with. I just know he really loves the pitch shift effect and probably drinks copious amounts of syrup.
So, really, I’m entering into this just like you, with a clean slate.
I definitely have my reservations. The pitch shift thing for whole songs is a bit odd and it’s very Spaceghost purp influenced but it can’t call it just yet. I like the beats more than the raps but, most of all, I’m curious what his real voice sounds like. But perhaps this is a new way for white (is he even white? I honestly dunno but every picture online seems to be a lighter skinned dude…I have no cue what’s going on here.) rappers to get around the whole “White voice” things. Just pitch it down a bunch and everyone sounds like James Earl Jones.
Regardless, for all it’s possible downsides, there is something intriguing about it all as well. Also, he uses clips from my video “The Music Scene” in his video “syrup Splash” so that’s kinda cool.
Anyway, Peep it…

So, what do you think?