Story Rhymes

It’s been a while since I posted a mix up here. I was perusing through my files and found an old one I made of Story Rhymes. Now, I kinda feel like I’ve posted this before. If not here than maybe on the TROY blog when they first started. Regardless, that was a long tome ago and these songs are all still good, so fuck it. These songs range from playful, to funny , to straight up depressing. Just how you like it.
Here’s a compilation of some of my all-time favorite under appreciated story rhymes.
1)Dirty cop named Harry: Hard Knocks
2)Everything’s cool: Rakim
3)24 Deep: Threat
4)Autobiographical: Black Sheep
5)Fat cats, bigga fish: The Coup
6)Approachin’ a threat: KMC
7)I’mma kill u: Juggaknots
8)Sat. nite-Sun. morn: Money boss Players
9)Once upon a time: King Sun
10)Story of my life: Jemini the gifted one
11)Train RobberyL Kool G Rap. & DJ Polo
12)Nobody move: Eazy-E
13)Girl at the mall: Grand Daddy IU
14)Once upon a time in the projects: Ice Cube