Song of the day 5/18/11

White worst By Billy Woods

I’m pretty late to the game on this whole scene right here. So, I figure if I am, than there’s a good chance lots of you have never even heard of it. Billy Woods is a Brooklyn based rapper who was part of a group called Super Chron Flight Brothers. In the past two weeks, I started checking both Billy and SCFB out and, I gotta say, it was a bit overwhelming. It’s hard to really digest that much new music so I’ve been slowly making my way through it. It’s strange. It’s got an urgency to it. I like the direction the producers are going. Overall, it’s really dope. So, here’s a taste. I’d highly suggest you go on youtube and find some more songs to get a better idea of what this crew is doing. It’s some really interesting stuff that is as far from typical as it gets, nowadays.
If you can, peep the mixtape for which I took the picture above from. It’s a good entrance into the whole scene.