Things that are wrong with the world Vol. 30

In the hierarchy of “things the rap game needs”, at the bottom of the list, you will find these things:
3)More rappers in general
2)More white rappers
1)More White girl rappers

This certainly contradicts the hook of Minnesota based rapper ,T-quick. In fact, she’s pretty sure the game desperately needs a white girl. Luckily for her, Iggy Azalea is doing pretty well so , I suppose, that desire has been quenched. But, in case it hasn’t, let’s take a ride.

The irony of this all is that, clearly, there is nothing the game needs less than a white girl. This is not to say white girls can’t rap. There are a few who have popped up in history that were okay. Invincible. Snow the Product, etc…Rappers that, without question had/have skill. But, in this case, “the game” ,as I see it, definitively does not need this particular brand of white girl. A mid western, blonde girl rapping in a thick blackcent , saying words that literally don’t matter on any level. Now, to be fair, this is kinda where lots of rap is heading. It’s style over substance. To blame this one girl for that would be ridiculous. Many equally banal male rappers before her laid this groundwork down, for years. But I think the thing that gets me about her is how much she’s basking in it all. “All white everything” is a phrase she actually says in a rap song about how the game needs a white girl. I’m sure this is not her making a racial point but, jesus christ.
It should also be noted that being white and rapping is no longer a “thing”. It’s not taboo or weird. It’s just a fact of life. So, if you’re existence as a white rapper is pointing out that “Hey, look at me, I’m white AND I rap! I also have a vagina!” , you’re immediately exposing yourself as a hack .

As an old person, I remember when Vanilla Ice came out. Real rap fans/adults Loathed him. Rightfully so. He was a puppet that was created solely to make make money. And he did.
But , amidst all the hate for him as a rapper/entertainer, I feel as though part of the issue was what kind of repercussions he might have down the line.The splash he started would eventually become tidal waves. Sure, the 3rd Bass’s and Beastie Boy’s of the world held it down with integrity back then, but , even at the young age I was when Vanilla Ice happened, I sensed a tension that was more than just “Fuck these white rappers!”. I’d say this T-Quick video is culmination of all those fears. 25 years ago, when Vanilla Ice dropped, somewhere , people were worrying about T-Quick ever existing and they didn’t even realize it. She could be the Terminator of bad white girl rapping, sent back to the future to warn us all of grave danger.
Now, I feel a little bad cause I’m putting this all on her. Just to be clear, she’s a non-factor , in terms of both blame and influence. Her video has a little over 100,000 views so it’s not like this is a movement. I just use her as yet another example of white people getting WAY too comfortable. In reality, she’s harmless. She’s having fun. She’s a blonde sorority looking girl who raps. Cute. But it’s more an overall issue that we’ve gotten to this point where this is okay. That’s the issue. And I don’t mean that in a “she should not be allowed to make music!” kinda way. I mean it in a “So no one’s gonna check this girl?” kinda way. I think that’s my issue. Like I said earlier, I’m old and come from the era of integrity in rap music. I realize this concept is gone to the point of it being corny if you care about that type of thing at all. Hell, Rick ross has made a career out of people not caring about it. But, there was a time, when things like this got policed. Not physically or aggressively. Simply a large group of people say “eh, get the fuck outta here with that bullshit” and it would eventually go away. Those days are gone and I suppose I can accept that. It’s a good thing I’m somewhat removed from having any investment in what “the kids are into” but still…get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.