“I’m SOOOOOOO over it” eventually becomes “the light switch”

if you’ve ever seen “The Hills” or known an overdramatic girl (or just “a girl”), you’re very likely familiar with the phrase “i’m so over it”. It’s completley empty and means nothing remotely close to what the person saying it wishes it did. In fact, it’s one of those phrases that tends to mean the opposite of what it’s supposed to. For instance, say you know a girl whose on the outs with her boyfriend. She’s obviously still in love (or obsessed depending how you look at it) and she’s like “He didn’t call me last night again! i’m sooo over it!” Nope. No , she’s not. In fact, It’s all she can think about, She goes to bed crying about it and possibly writes sad poems about it. I know this girl who is the queen of that statement. She says it about everything. Luckily for me, she is actually “Over” the internet so she’ll never read this. But trust me, all the other shit she’s “over” ,(IE:her boyfriend, her job, eating…anything she can be “over”) she could not be less “over” anything.
I’d say the “I’m so over it” type of girl tends to be a more on the privileged side of things. That phrase doesn’t exactly ring out in the hood. Thank god for that. No, the typical “I’m so over it girl” loves “Sex & the city” and “grey’s anatomy”. She doesn’t technically fuck on the first date but , on more than one occasion , she has definitely had some dudes raw dick in her after just meeting him about 5 hours earlier. Ideally, this girl wants a boyfriend more than she wants air and water. It’s for this reason that she even gets herself into situations what involve her having to be “over” anything. To be fair, relationship are never always smooth and undoubtedly have ups and downs. The difference with these types of girls is that they tend to seek out shitty dudes, get treated accordingly and wonder what the problem is.
However, all this can get turned on its head when the girl discovers he inner light switch. On some “how stella got her groove back” empowerment shit. Yes, Even these insecure quivering bundles of flesh do eventually reach a boiling point and once that wall is hit, it’s a wrap for you, guy. Whether it be due to time, a new dude or she just stops caring , it is a thing that really only girls do (excluding guys who have been betrayed horribly but I’m pretty much talking basic dating shit here) and when it happens to a dude, it fucks them up big time.

So this brings me to my next point. It has more to do with breaking up and getting over that person but it’s mad real and something i think guys need to learn to wrap their heads around. Girls give guys mad chances. Like many many many chances , before they’re really ever over it (assuming the relationship was serious enough). It actually takes a lot for a couple who’s been together for a long time to break up. HOWEVER, once the girl flips the light switch to off, it’s a wrap. That girl that was in love for ever and would have married you will treat you like dog shit overnight once she realizes she is indeed over it. The light switch is flipped. and the beauty of it is she will never say “I’m so over it.” cause she doesn’t give enough of a fuck to waste her time saying that. So, if you’re even in a relationship with a girl (and you’re a guy) and she says some “I’m so over it” type shit, you’re ok. You still have many chances coming your way. But if that switch is flicked off, you might as well be dead to her cause it ain’t gonna happen.
Guys ,on the other hand, have no light switch cause we’re overran by the possibility of random sex 5 years down the line. We could hate a girl but at the same time think “hmm..if i ran into her in a bar in a few years and we were drunk…i wonder if i could still hit it.” We’re good like that. Oh and if a guy ever says “I’m so over it” i think it’s acceptable to snuff him with brass knuckles right in his vaginal mouth. I’m pretty sure that’s in the bible.