Yes, I do still work with rappers

I’ve been on tour the majority of the last few months and a question that keeps coming up from random people is “Are you ever gonna work with mc’s again?” to which i reply “Actually…”
Turns out, I’ve been making tons of music with rappers over the last 4 years or so and a lot of people haven’t really noticed. Granted, I can’t really knock them for that cause the projects haven’t been huge name artists but more rappers I personally fuck with as a person and a fan. Labors of love and respect. I figure I might as well just give the heads up to all those asking cause there is , in fact, lots of music I’ve done with MC’s. Entire albums produced by me, in fact. As well as some one offs here and there.
I’ll also add, I’m working on a compilation album that I plan dropping before my next full length that will feature rappers, singers and instrumental songs. It will be a free release too so get your wallets out and then immediately put them back in your pocket.
Anyway, here’s a quick refresher course of the albums I’ve done with rappers. Included are links but know that, if you wanna support and buy the album and the website i direct you to is not one you typically use, all these albums (with exception of the Ep’s with Illogic) are available EVERYWHERE digitally. I-tunes, amazon, etc as well spotify for streaming.
So, let’s start with Illogic.
Illogic is an incredibly gifted mc from Columbus, Ohio who I’ve been down with since before Def Jox existed. He worked with Aesop , as well as Atmosphere, Blueprint and ton of other talents. A few year back he hit me up asked if I wanted to do a project together and I jumped at the opportunity. Turns out…we were both in highly prolific points in our lives and we churned out an full length album and 3 Ep’s. So, we got MAD music together including two lead up EP’s to the full length and prologue EP we dropped afterwards.

Next up, We got Billy Woods. Woods is a brooklyn based MC I was a huge fan of before i even met him. We got linked up through friends in common and immediately hit it off. We made the album “Dour Candy” soon after that and are currently finishing up another album together (Mostly produced by me but with a special guest producer on a couple tracks) that should be out next year.

Next we got Marq Spekt. He’s originally from philly and a guy I’ve been a fan of since the early 2000’s. He was one of those dudes that everyone I knew knew but I had never met before. I forget how it happened but we linked up and decided to do an album together out of mutual respect and admiration for each others work. We got two albums together on HipNott Records , the newest actually dropped pretty recently

There’s also a few loosies I’ve done with various artists over the years you might have missed:
Lice (Aesop & Homeboy Sandman)- Environmental studies

Open Mike eagle- Billy’s Quagmire

Red Pill- Darlin’

Sum- Oblivion

Premrock- Criminal Childish

Premrock- Let me see your tongue

Sir Jarlsberg Ft. Aesop, lateef, Blockhead, Kimya dawson, Baby Dayliner and more- All’s Faire

Googie- Big mouth arcade

Googie- Googie Architecture

And shit…while I got you here, did you know I made an album as a part of a group called The Mighty Jones? It’s me on beats, two female vocalists and live guitar and bass. If you’re not so much a hip hop fan but like my beats and singing…this one should speak to your soul. This song in the video below is actually not even released but will be soon.

So, there you have. I may have even forgotten a few things but that’s the answer to anyone who’s wondered if I still make music with other people. A resounding yes with much more to come.

New Video of The Mighty Jones live!

Been a while since I’ve spoke about my group The Mighty Jones but now is as good a time as ever. If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about I implore you to check it out right HERE. It’s the music streaming as well all the places you can get it.
We recently recorded a live performance of a new song (yes, one that is not on the album) for Sofar, which is a cool thing where they bring new artists into a very intimate setting to play for a small audience. This particular video was filmed in a clothing store in Soho. It was definitely a good time so check out the new cut and , yeah, go buy that album cause it’s dope.

The Mighty Jones now available all over

I know you guys are probably tired of me harping about this Mighty Jones project but now it’s finally available every where.
You can get it on Itunes:
And spotify (no link for that but you know how search engines work)
Please support this album if you like it. It’s a labor of love that we worked very hard on and are putting it out ourself with no press or label. We do it for you guys, guys.
Of course , you can still buy/listen to it on Bandcamp

and Soundcloud as well

Like our facebook page too:

and if you’re in the NYC area, we are playing our release show at Union pool in Brooklyn this saturday (December 5th). We go on at 10:30. Come see it unfold!

New Mighty Jones Video!

For those who don’t know, I’m part of a group called The Mighty Jones. It consists of me , singer Joanna Erdos (of The Midnight Show) , Guitarist Damien Paris (of The Giraffes ), Bassist Jeremy Gibson (AKA Sir Jarlsberg) and Bayli Mckeithan (of The Skins).
We’ve been working on an album for a long time. I mean…a REALLY long time. Here’s an old post I made about it 5 years ago…it has lots of good info and even some old demos of ours you can download
But, finally , the album done. Mixed and mastered. It should be ready for public consumption in the very near future. It’s called “Gone Long” and we are very happy with it.
But, before that drops, here’s q new video we made for Wreckroom for our song “Rumblepack”.

Also, The Mighty Jones will be playing at SXSW this year! Unfortunately, I won’t be there cause I’ll be touring elsewhere but, luckily, they can do fine without me on a live stage as all I do is press “play”. If you’re in Austin for SXSW, definitely check them out.

Oh and , all very important…we have a website up! Including other videos, pics and all the info you need.
So peep that. Even if it’s just cause you’re a creep and wanna look at the pretty girls, I won’t judge you.
And “Like” us on Facebook
Follow us on Instagram: @mightyjones
Okay?!?! Thanks and enjoy. Album coming soon! I promise.

Music stuff…This and that.

Whattup…So, I got a few new things to share with you guys and just a basic all around update music wise.
First off, Illogic and I will be putting out our final Ep (for now) called “After Capture” on December 17th. Before that, though, here’s a new song off it for you to peep.

If you wanna pre-order the EP, go here:

In other news, The Album I did with Billy woods “Dour Candy” can now be owned in it’s instrumental form. The good people over at Backwoodz released the whole thing yesterday. For those of you that like my beats but aren’t really bout that rap life, this is your lucky day.
It’s available where ever Digital downloads can be found but here’s a link to their site if you’re into it…
in case you forgot what those tracks sounded like, here are a few in their original , rappified form

In solo news, my New album “Bells And Whistles” is pretty much done. I’m still putting some final touches on the mixes and it should be 100% finished by the end of the year. I’m not 100% sure who is gonna put it out or when it will come out, but it’ll definitely be out in some form next year. I’m definitely really happy with it so keep and ear open for that.

My dude Marq Spekt and I have a finished album is well. We’re getting the details sorted but it should be dropping next year as well.
We’ve leaked a few tracks already so, in case you missed them, here they are:

as well as this song that won’t be on the Album:

Lastly, the album I’ve been working on with my group The Mighty Jones is also done and should be dropping next year. If you’re not familiar with this project, it’s Me, Singer joanna Erdos and musicians Damian Paris (He plays on all my instrumental albums) and Jeremy Gibson (AKA Sir Jarlsberg and the other half of PArty fun action committee).
Here’s a song we did a while back:

As well as a demo we made that won’t be on the album:

Okay! I’m off to do some shows in europe. If you live in Munich, Kiev, Pecs, Brussels, Paris or Bordeaux…Come see your boy.

A little “me” time

I figure now is as good a time as ever to just do a big post updating all of you on what I’ve been up to, musically. Since I get about five tweets/facebook comments a day saying shit like “Hey dewd, instead of posting jokes how bout you make some new music!”. First off, blow me. Secondly, I am and always have been steadily making music. So here’s a run down of some newer shit I’ve been involved with and what’s coming up:

By now you should know my newest album “interludes after midnight” BEEN out. Buy it on I-tunes, or at a store or from a guy in an alley…Whatever…just cop that shit…or go here:

I also have a free EP I did with Illogic (more on that later) that you can download here:

What else? Oh yeah, I did this remix for aesop’s single “Zero Dark 30”

as well as a remix for Billy Woods “DMCA”

There’s also this remix I did for Premrock and Willie Green:

Okay, and now the stuff that’s coming up…

Illogic and I have another free EP “Preparing for capture part 2” dropping September 4th. After that, we plan to drop the full length album “Capture the sun” in 2013.

I’m working on an album with Billy Woods that’s mostly been recorded. It’s gonna be crazy. It was originally gonna be an ep but we decided to just make it a full length. I’m very hyped about this album.

I’m doing albums with Open Mike Eagle and Marq Spekt as well. both of those projects are still in the early stages but they should get rolling very soon. Mike told me he’s gonna bring out the Evil Mike Eagle for this record, which I responded “You should call your self Open Mike Evil” to which he responded “STFU”. Whatever, it’s gonna be awesome.

There’s also the album I’m doing with my group “The Mighty Jones” , which consists of singer Joanna Erdos, Guitarist Damien Paris (he’s the guy who’s played guitar on all my solo albums) , Jeremy Gibson (aka Sir Jarlsberg but he also plays like 20 instruments), and myself.
This is a song from that album…It’s gonna be ten songs long.

Beyond that, I plan to hit the road in the fall. There is talk of me finally getting back to Europe in late september…but it will be mostly eastern euro dates so, if you live in france or the UK get your local promoters to come holler at the kid. I’d love to get out there again…it’s literally been almost ten years. Regardless, I’ll announce all those dates when/if they get solidified.

As for US dates, I’m still working on that but I got a show in S.F. in august:

Okay? Cool. Well…thanks for reading this and supporting me. I’ve enjoyed it all.

Introducing The Mighty Jones

As you may or may not be aware of, I’ve been slowly and quietly working on a side project with a female vocalist for some years now. In fact, since the idea began, I’d say it’s been about 5 years now. The project is not just the singer and I, there are other people involved. As a group, we go by “The mighty Jones”. This group consists of me (on the beats) , Joanna Erdos of The Midnight show (on vocals and piano) , Jeremy Gibson AKA Sir Jarlsburg and Jer of Party Fun action Committee (On guitar and bass) and Damian Paris of The Giraffes (on guitar, bass and synths).

To give a little background on this, initially, the group was gonna consist of me, Joanna, Jeremy and a singer named Pierre Michel. Pierre was an amazing singer and songwriter who worked along side Joanna. The two of them had ben writing songs for a while and even recorded some very rough demo’s to beats I had given them. Tragically, Pierre drowned to death shortly after these demo’s were recorded. All of us were pretty fucked up after Pierre’s death and pretty much abandoned the project. Month’s later, Joanna, Jeremy and I started throwing around the Idea of continuing the project. We had some rough recordings of Pierre as well as a bunch of songs framed. So, we forged ahead. Due to busy schedules on all of our parts, the recording took forever. We got about 5 songs done and even managed to salvage some of the vocals Pierre had recorded on a digital 8-track. And that’s when Jer’s hard drive crashed and we lost everything. All we had left were some roughly mixed mp3 versions of the songs we had recorded. After that frustration, we took a little more time off. Eventually, we got out shit together and opted to just make completely new songs. This time around we added the talents of Damian Paris. He’s the same guy who’s played basically all the live instruments on my solo albums.
That long ass story leads me to this. At this point we have about 9 completed songs. Problem is, we don’t really know what to do with them. I don’t think I’m ready to just leak those out just yet though cause there is hope of someone putting this out. However, we still have those old roughly mixed mp3’s. Because those songs are both lost files and way too dated to ever release, I figure I might as well throw them out here. Now, keep in mind, these are ROUGH versions. Some aren’t even totally done. But I felt it would be cool to throw these out here and see what you guys think of them. Also be aware that these songs actually don’t really sound anything like the newer songs. They’re kinda like a different group in many ways but it’ll at least give you an idea of what we were doing and where the idea began. So, here they are. Admittedly, this won’t be for everyone who peeps this blog but I imagine some of you might dig this. lemme know what you think.

1)All my love
2)Blow my mind (feat. Pierre Michel)
3)Drag me down

PS. The pic above is Joanna. I didn’t have a pic of all of us together and I figure you’d all rather look at a pretty girl alone than a pretty girl with three old pieces of shit like Jeremy, Damian and I.