Things that are wrong with the world part 21

This post was gonna be about the over sexualization of children. It’s fucking gross, it happens all the time and it seems to be getting worse. But, you know what, we all know that shit. No one is walking around saying “Man, I wish kids were more sexualized. I’m gonna go watch “Toddlers and Tiara’s” and be bummed out.”

Instead, I just want to simply say that how we dress and the music we make has gotten so ridiculous that I can no longer tell what’s actually old and what’s some new retro shit. Now, I know for a fact this video is old cause I remember the “The Puppies” from the early 2000’s, but tell me this couldn’t have come out this week and you wouldn’t question it. If these kids lived in WIlliamsburg, those 12 year old boys would be getting more pussy than Ryan Gosling.

I’m serious when I say the only thing that’s a dead giveaway of those being old is that they’re wearing Jorts. Jorts (Jeans + Shorts) have been fashion AIDS for long enough that even I’m aware of it.But outside of that? These kids are fucking fashion icons for 2011.

I used to have a pair of Hilfiger Jorts back in the mid 90’s. I Loved them. My girl at the time, did not. She hated when I would wear them almost as much as when I would wear a basketball jersey as a shirt. I had this dope Shawn Kemp jersey I borrowed from a friends. On more than one occasion I would wear the two pieces of clothing together , just to test her boundaries. In fact, it would be the time when I was most affectionate with her in public. It drove her nuts but I thought it was hilarious.
Sometimes, I feel like the outlandish fashion sense some people have is based on the same mindset I had when trying to annoying my old girlfriend. Except, instead of a girlfriend, the person wearing the clothes is assaulting all those around them with eyes and taste.