Let’s make fun of this girl from “The Voice”

Okay, So, I watched that show “The Voice” the other day. Before you judge me, you must simply accept that I watch tons of TV and that, more often than not, it’s gonna be some crap. I like to think of it as my own little sociological experiment. It helps me better understand the world I live in. It also opens doors for something I like to call “Making fun of people”.
Enter “The voice”.
So, basically, this show is where Wannabe singers bust out tunes for Cee-lo, Christina Aquilera, the Maroon 5 douche and some country singer I’ve never heard of. The catch is, the judges have their backs turned to the singers. This means, they have to judge their performances solely on the voice (Thus the awesome name of this show). If the judge likes what they hear, they press a button and their seat swivels around to see who is singing. There’s more to it but I feel like that’s all you need to know. Suffice to say, this show leaves a lot of room for surprise cause, you know, some deformed mongoloid could have a beautiful voice.
Annnnyway, of all the contestants , this little number Beverly Mcclellan stuck out to me. Not cause she was good. Cause, while she was certainly talented, she was more just loud and aggressive . No, she stuck out cause of of how many jokes popped in my head while watching her.

Now before you turn this into a lesbian witch hunt, chill the fuck out. I love lesbians. Not in a “it’s cool when they make out” way but in a legit “I have no issue with their lifestyle and they’ve always been pretty fucking cool when I’ve hung out with them” kinda way. In fact, I bet Beverly is cool as shit. This is all in good fun and I’m more making fun of her looks than anything. If you can’t find humor in a 40 plus year old extreme whigger , bull dyke lesbian dressed like Run DMC in the video from “Down with the king” singing Janis Joplin , you’re simply a boring person. So, with that, Let’s go!

They finally discovered the missing white member of Onyx

I think when one turns 40, it may be time to remove the facial piercings (but hold onto that
fishermans jacket forever)

It’s cool to see Jim Norton finally let people see his real talent

I would love to smoke a blunt with this 40 plus year old floridian whig-ette. I Bet she’s got great stories about double teaming girls with 2 Live Crew bouncers.

She’s perfect for the porn parody “American history XXX”

As a bonus, how bout your men Jeff Jenkins

Ol’ young Michael Moore ass dude

He looks like more a lesbian than the last singer

Glad to see Roger Ebert is all better and doing his thing
(Sorry bout that one, it’s terrible in both taste and humor value)

Okay, those are mine (Definitely not claiming to hit gold on any of those but I just wanted to get the ball rolling). So, please, add on. The best one wins a special prize…I dunno what it is but I’ll figure some shit out. The worst one gets called out and alerted of how bad a joke they just made (though, I’ll be in the running for that one, so don’t worry).