Top 9 Fetishes…

That i’m not into.
If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, I’d imagine you can guess a few of these.
I wrote this for the good broads over at
Just a warning. This is some NSFW shit. DesBoobs (She’s the editor of theboobsla) had a lot of fun with the pictures for this one so just be prepared.

Return of theboobs

My buddies Des and Glossy had this awesome blog called “The boobs” for a while, named after the huge cans they both possess. Des got preggo and it seemed to “hit a wall” (they stopped doing posts) but they’re back with a new website, design and…umm…attitude? Eh, they’re stlll the same funny bitches they were before.
anyway, their new site launched today PEEP IT!

I also assisted in the festivities with a sorta he said/she said article about “5 things you would do if you were the opposite sex for a day”. If you were ever curious what I would do as a lady for a day, you might like this. But i sincerely hope you were never THAT curious about that. Still, it’s a good read. Apparently, busting nuts is way up there for both sexes.
Here’s that:
What! What!

So, yeah, I may be writing more stuff for them in the future but regardless, peep the blog. It’s good times. Especially you girls cause these two are the blueprint of cool broads. Oh , and guys, they show boobs over there as well. Big ones.