Things that are wrong with the world part 22

Oh America, you are a lazy fucking bitch. And, keep in mind, this is coming to you from an admitted lazy person. Listen, I get it. We love to be comfortable. Nothing wrong with that. But there’s almost a level of hedonism involved in what’s going on here. I suppose this is the natural progression from the snuggie. After all, who needs a blanket with arm holes when you can just throw in the towel of self respect completely and get adult footie pajama’s made to lounge in, not sleep. I see this trend evolving more and someone eventually inventing a sack of warm liquid goo that recreates the feeling of being back inside your mothers stomach. Perfect for lazy monday nights , on the couch watching CSI reruns. Mark my words. This will happen. At first you will be grossed out cause the filling of the sack will look like thick kool aid but , eventually, you will be giving them to your newly married friends as a wedding gift.
Now, on to why this commercial is so great. Here are the things that jumped out at me:

1) The thought that there is, somewhere on this planet, an entire family who wears these things in unison, while watching tv together.
I gotta think there’s a teenaged daughter out there completely unwilling to rock the Forever Lazy with her family. I don’t care it’s it came with a Justin Beiber built in vibrator or in some hot topic incarnation.

2)The guy with his normally clothed friends, watching sports in his Forever Lazy.
When men gather, part of the joy is cracking jokes at the expense of one another. If some dude I was watching a sporting event with wore these fucking Max from where the wild things are pajamas in front of me, I’d be snapping on him till he died. I would no longer listen to anything he said because he was guy who had to wear Forever Lazy during the NBA finals.

3)It’s got a hood. Just in case , you know, you wanna take it outside into public where other people are.
The one aspect of this thing I can sign on to is that it’s something for your time at home. It’s a private thing that is so shameful in it’s bumassed-ness , it has to be relegated to your couch. It’s kinda like eating an entire tub of ice cream by yourself but worse. Them putting a hood on it is like daring you to bring it into the sunlight. Take it to the beach! Take it to the pond! Get the fuck outta here. If you see someone wearing one of these in public, tackle them. Don’t explain why or say anything about it to them. They deserve it.

4)”It will be the talk of your next tailgate”
This isn’t a lie. If by “talk” you mean being called a “Fucking pussy” for the rest of the day, then yes. It is indeed the talk of the tailgate. and really, who doesn’t want to be the talk of the tailgate? I’m pretty sure unless it’s related to BBQ prowess, no one ever wants to be the talk of the tailgate.

5)It’s got a shit flap in the back, in case all those wings and nacho’s you’ve been eating , while laying on your couch, decide they need to make a mass exodus from you butthole.
I’m almost shocked they didn’t make one with a built in diaper cause getting up and shitting seems like an unfair amount of work for the average Forever Lazy wearer. Exactly how filthy would one of those butt flaps be after a years worth of usage? It’s just not a smart design. I mean, it’s the only thing they could do to make it possible but there is a reason why Onesies don’t usually exist beyond when you are 4 years old. Cause even children put on their big people pants and take pisses and shits like grown ups.

6)The plushies must be mad
Plushies are those people who like to cuddle and fuck in furry animal outfits. They’re basically human stuffed animals but with sex involved. This whole “Forever Lazy” thing has a strong plushie vibe to me. It’s already got a dick hole in the front and , basically, if you throw on a bear or dog mask, it’s the same fucking thing. If I were a plushie, I’d be annoyed by this. It’s taking something I love and trying to make it into something everyone will be doing. Well, don’t worry plushies. People wearing these things stopped using their genitals years ago. It’d basically a genital tomb made of really soft fabric.

Listen, as i said, I’m a lazy , sitting on the couch and watching TV kinda guy. But this thing is too much.There comes a time when seeking out the ultimate comfort is simply crossing a line of good taste. That line is crossed when you’re wearing something with a buttflap that a Jawa would rock on a sand dune.

I feel like this kind of thing speaks of a greater problem with americans. We embrace our bumminess like no other country. I’m all for wearing sweat pants around the house on a freezing february morning. There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable. But when you’re desire for comfort of this sort is so dire that you’re willing to trade in all self respect, it’s too much.
Here’s a novel idea, sit on your couch with a warm beverage, curl up and cover you lazy fucking ass with a blanket. Trust me, they work just fine and you don’t have to feel deep shame if a random friend stops by cause you won’t be wearing a full body voleur baby outfit.

Things that are wrong with the world part 21

This post was gonna be about the over sexualization of children. It’s fucking gross, it happens all the time and it seems to be getting worse. But, you know what, we all know that shit. No one is walking around saying “Man, I wish kids were more sexualized. I’m gonna go watch “Toddlers and Tiara’s” and be bummed out.”

Instead, I just want to simply say that how we dress and the music we make has gotten so ridiculous that I can no longer tell what’s actually old and what’s some new retro shit. Now, I know for a fact this video is old cause I remember the “The Puppies” from the early 2000’s, but tell me this couldn’t have come out this week and you wouldn’t question it. If these kids lived in WIlliamsburg, those 12 year old boys would be getting more pussy than Ryan Gosling.

I’m serious when I say the only thing that’s a dead giveaway of those being old is that they’re wearing Jorts. Jorts (Jeans + Shorts) have been fashion AIDS for long enough that even I’m aware of it.But outside of that? These kids are fucking fashion icons for 2011.

I used to have a pair of Hilfiger Jorts back in the mid 90’s. I Loved them. My girl at the time, did not. She hated when I would wear them almost as much as when I would wear a basketball jersey as a shirt. I had this dope Shawn Kemp jersey I borrowed from a friends. On more than one occasion I would wear the two pieces of clothing together , just to test her boundaries. In fact, it would be the time when I was most affectionate with her in public. It drove her nuts but I thought it was hilarious.
Sometimes, I feel like the outlandish fashion sense some people have is based on the same mindset I had when trying to annoying my old girlfriend. Except, instead of a girlfriend, the person wearing the clothes is assaulting all those around them with eyes and taste.

Things that are wrong with the world Vol. 20
(embed isn’t working for some reason, but it’s a video of this lunatic praying in for the end of health reform.)
I realize a large amount of these “things that are wrong with the world” posts are dedicated to crazy religious people. But that’s for a reason…cause they’re are fucking insane and pretty much one of the main things wrong with the world. Now, when it’s just Jethro down at the gas station telling you you’re going to hell for whatever arbitrary sin he chooses, it’s one thing. Jethro is a man with no power who , not ironically, very likely has trouble paying his power bills (god’s working on that one). Sure, he’s a short sighted yokel but his reach doesn’t extend much past the bug zapper on his trailer.
Like many of you, what scares the shit out of me is when people who are equally as crazy as “jethro” somehow find their way into positions of power. The thing is, there’s a huge part of me that feels like the most staunch right wing religious nut doesn’t REALLY believe the bullshit he/she is selling. I mean…come on. These are educated adults who have left their little town and experienced things. The type of things that might give a normal person perspective on the reality of things like , for instance, the bible being a factual book written by god and the rule book to life. They don’t actually believe that you can pray away something like healthcare reform, right? I mean, even a priest will tell you that’s some wacky bullshit.

When I was little kid, before I came to terms with the realization that the bible was just a book , I recall praying for things. Like most kids, they would be self serving. Things like a new toy or a good little league game the following day. That’s what kids do. This is cause kids don’t know anything. Clever as they may be at times, kids are mostly dumb as shit. It’s no fault of their own. They’re kids. They’re not supposed to know any better. But you take a grown ass woman like Michelle Bachmann who may be a future presidential candidate and she’s doing exactly the same thing I did when I was a kid, sitting in bed, clutching my snoopy stuffed animal like a little fucking pussy. It’s truly mind boggling.

So, yeah, if this SNL sketch of a human actually gets close to the White house, I’d personally like to call upon god to strike her down. I don’t care how…Lightening bolt…Hale…perhaps some sort of awesome “Final Destination” type thing where a loose screw results in a laundry line separating her head from her shoulders. Whatever works. Cause, I gotta think, if there was a god, even he would think Michelle Bachmann is a stupid cunt.

Things that are wrong with the world Vol. 19

I tweeted about this a week or so ago but it’s one of those things that just won’t go away. No, Sun Drop soda, is not the issue. I not even fully convinced it exists. But this fucking commercial , for some reason, makes my head explode every time I see it.
It all comes down to how things are made. The process that it took this commercial from being an idea to an actual visual you see on TV is a long and painful one. I think that’s what gets me. How something this completely fucking dumb that misses the target by so many miles, can still make it out the matrix.

Let me put it like this. I’ve had music put in commercials before. More than that, I’ve had music ALMOST put in commercials. 99 times out of 100 these kind of things fall through because in order for a song to be decided on, it has to go through so many layers of opinions and ideas, it’s nearly impossible for it to make it onto the final product. It usually works two ways

1)They pick a song, edit with it and then show it to the ad people (or whoever) and those people want to change it. This goes back a forth a million times and can all depend on one dumb motherfucker who doesn’t like how the hi hat sounds so they scrap the music entirely. Eventually, they all agree of whatever the most popular commercial song is at the moment (think “Holiday , oh, holiday” or “How ya like me knowwwww!” type songs).


2) The second thing that can happen begins in the editing room, where whoever may be editing puts whatever random song he likes into the commercial just as a template. Then, when it’s played for the ad execs, they fall in love with that song and would kill their newborn child to keep it in the commercial. It fits so well to them cause that’s how it was presented to them. The irony to this is that , in most cases, you could put almost any song to any commercial and it will work decently on some level. That’s the beauty of music. It can manipulate how we see things. Anyone who’s listened to music , while watching the animal channel on mute can attest to that (and being high as fuck).

I had a song in a Microsoft Bing ad a few months back. It went back and forth over whether or not they were gonna use it due to time constraints and sample issues. Eventually we worked it out cause they had their mind set on the song the way they had originally edited it. I had sent them slight re-workings of it, re-tweakings, everything. Even how the song for the commercial was sequenced was a huge deal. These dudes were anal on a level you don’t often see. When I finally saw the commercial, I was amazed. Not only was the music super quiet in the background, but it was a complete after thought. It could have been anything. It could have been the sounds of a bee hive or a pan flute solo. Listen, I’m not complaining as that commercial is definitely helping me eat for the foreseeable future but the point is, the process is kinda bullshit and wildly unnecessary.

I say all that to point this out: Somehow, that terribly unfunny, weird looking girl slipped through all these cracks to the point where this commercial got put on TV as it is. I get the idea of it. Her awkwardness was key to the roll. Fine. I can accept that. But she’s simply just so unlikable I can’t imagine anyone would want her to help sell anything. The thing is, the casting process to a commercial is much like the process of picking the music , but a million times more scrutinized. That means, this girl got through audition after audition, doing that stupid fucking dance and making that stupid fucking face. She may have even cultivated that weird hipster meets camp counselor outfit. Each time, ad execs were telling her how great she was, then actually discussing how great they really did think she was amongst each other when she left. There were other girls who did similar dances that almost made it…but no, this girl was THE ONE! See, that shit blows my mind. If I were to try and imagine what the girls who DIDN’T get this role were like, I might have a stroke.
Of course, this is just me. If you read the youtube comments for the above video, they speak a different story. That, in itself, is another thing wrong with the world. The fact that people can watch this and like it SO much they feel a need to comment on it. Who does that? The must have no got the memo that the internet isn’t here for that. Go hard (at shitting on something) or go home.
Also, i bet that soda tastes like piss…judging from the ad, of course.

Things that are wrong with the world part 18

How fucked up are cults? Even more fucked up is when they branch out into the arts. There’s something so frightening to me about watching a family of inbred hill people perform music. Whenever I see something like this, I always imagine them practicing. It’s not like they all just magically know this routine. They have to work on it, right? This means, they all had to gather in a barn like area and go through this song 100 times until it was ready for public consumption. In order for a song to be ready for public consumption, they all must have been very familiar with the songs lyrics and theme. This leads me to believe they were totally aware of the song being sung by a little girl (This is debatable) about peeing her bed, who happens to sound like Bobcat goldthwait saying “I ain’t gonna beat my kids tonight”. They must know it, right? Well, they might not be aware of who Bobcat Goldthwait is, so perhaps an actual bobcat would be a better comparison. I realize that it’s easier to gain perspective on things for looking in from the outside , especially things like cults. Lord knows cults have never been known for their self examination. But I do find it fascinating that this whole thing even came to exist in the first place. Or maybe this just a standard I’ve never heard. It’s like the “I love you Porgy” or “Summertime” of the Kelley Family compound. Whatever the case is , Lil’ she devil Elvis is on some next shit.

I think what I’m most curious about this video is how all these people are related. Obviously, you got the robed beardy guy at the top of the family tree. After that, it’s anyone’s guess. There are like 4 teenaged girls, a 12 ish year old boy , the singing she/male kid and about 3 men who’s age probably range from 18-30. Remember , this is the Kelley FAMILY. So, I’m assuming, they are all actually related (Though , in cults, the term “family” can be used pretty loosely). My guess is that the beardy robed guy the leader and is fucking all the girls over 13. whether or not they’re his sister/wives/daughters/nieces remains to be seen. Everyone else not in that category is his daughter/son.
Whatever the case, there were some fucked up things going on in the Kelley household. I’d do some research on this but I’m both lazy and don’t really care. So, instead, I’ll just assume (this wouldn’t be sweeping generalizations without completely unfounded assumptions) all the people in this video died shortly after it’s filming from a mass suicide/orgy that took place somewhere in a cave. I mean, how else could something like this possibly end?

Things that are wrong with the world pt. 17

It’s no secret that I take major issue with any extreme religious lunacy. In most cases i feel like “Hey, I don’t believe in that shit but do you. Whatever gets you through the day”. However, occasionally , something like this video will pop up on the internet and just make my blood boil. I think the most troublesome thing about it is that it’s kids doing it. Sure, watching a fully formed adult believe and preach such bullshit is depressing but there’s something about watching kids follow along that really bums me out. I mean, when I was these kids age I thought Mad Magazine was the pinnacle of humor and that Christina Applegate was the most beautiful woman on earth. In other words, I didn’t know shit. If there is ever a time in your life that your vulnerable to this kind of thing, it’s age 8-13. Cause really, you know nothing about anything. But , i suppose, without kids like these, the adult counterparts wouldn’t exist. I feel like with most people, when you’re dealing with extremely religious folk (creationists and the like who just ignore science and the world going on around them) , they tend to start young. Unless it’s some born again crap where a person partied a little too hard and feels like swapping his addiction to whiskey for his undying belief in his lord and savior , but that’s neither here nor there.

On the other side of this video is the curiosity behind them picking “My humps” to be a good song to cover and give that good old jesusy spin to. I mean, let’s be honest, that song is about fergie’s ass and tits. These kids obviously know all the words. Enough so , they were able to “Weird al christovic” the lyrics into what you see above. What i’m saying is that someone in that household is not doing their job. These kids should be doing Creed covers or at least taking songs not about some former meth head whore’s ass. I’m just saying.

Truthfully, the most awesome part of this whole thing is the little girls hard dances around the 1:30 mark. It’s so so close to being that reggae dance the bogle but not quite. Perhaps the next song they cover should be a Sean Paul. “gimmie the light” has jesus written all over.

Things that are wrong with the world vol. 16

Ok. Watch this (thanks to Apex for the link).
Just a warning, while it’s “safe for work” , it’s fucking disturbing.

I’m not 100% sure where this video is from (somewhere in eastern Europe) but it really doesn’t matter. This could easily be taking place on some hippie commune in northern California or way upstate New York. It would appear Hippie-ism has come full circle. From the most peaceful losers one earth, alllllllll the way to recording child abuse and putting on the internet. Now, of course, I realize this person’s intentions were not to kill her baby. She was more trying to create a human shake weight. After all, those pounds a new mom puts on after birth are tough to shake off. Why not skip boring, and lifeless free weights when you can pump iron with your newborn flesh and blood. The cool thing about it is, as you work out more, the baby gains weight so it’s like building your strength as it goes along. By the time he/she is five years old, not only will he have no cartilage in his shoulders, but you we be the buffest mom in the park. i mean, how much does a 5 year old weigh? That’s a good workout, yo.
But i digress.
This kind of shit speaks in volumes about the dangers of over hippie-fying your kids when you raise them. Sure, raise them to be peaceful. Raise them to be accepting. But sometimes hippies fall so deep into their own bullshit that it would appear they can no longer differentiate between right and wrong. I’d imagine that woman thinks this “baby workout” brings both you and your baby closer to each other and nature (I dunno where the nature part fits in but they always seem to find a way to fit that in there). It’s the same carefree attitude that makes some hippies appealing (eh…kinda) that makes shit like this exist. I realize we’re all held back by the stringent rules of child raising. “The man” set a pretty boring game plan with that one. You gotta feed him, change him, teach him shit, and try and mold this unrealized person into a functional adult. I know, super bummer, bro. But what if I , a hypothetical hippie dipshit, what’s to color outside the lines? I want my baby to walk a different path. I want him to only eat soy and wear pampers made of tree bark. I also want to use his undeveloped body as huge glow stick and rave with him.
So, yeah, hippies, just suck it up and realize you can’t put your dumb as spin on everything. something are the way they are for a reason.
Baby rule #1: Do not toss around the baby.

Things that are wrong with the world Vol. 15

Ok, so i’m gonna assume you just watched the above video and you’re thinking “Here’s where he goes on a rant about new rap/white rap/shitty rap”. WRONG! This isn’t about that. The thing that this video brings to mind is much bigger than all that. The problem is that, in today’s day and age, I can’t tell who is and who isn’t serious. This is never more an issue then when it comes to random youtube videos of questionable virtue. The thing is, he’s kinda funny…in the most ignorant way possible. Does he realize it or is he so long gone into a world of whiggardty that it’s not even questioned in his head? I honestly don’t know. Regardless, it does make for an entertaining video, I’m just a stickler for intentions.
Because our culture has become one where anyone can propel themselves into notoriety, it’s pretty much broken the meter on the “is this real life?” speedometer. Take something as obviously a joke as Turquoise jeep music. The fact i even , for a moment, thought there might be a glimmer of reality there when I first watched “lemme smang it” ,is telling. This is because the limits of human idiocy can no longer be measured. We’ve all seen far too many crazy/retarded videos that were , in fact, real. It’s gotten to the point where it’s impossible to gauge. To quote a shitty dead hippie poet , “people are strange” and never before has this been more evident than now. Because , through the internet, we can now peer into the different worlds contained inside of America’s anus ,where pretty much anything can happen. It’s gotten to the point where I think the most sane reaction to seeing anything off beat is to immediately doubt it , until proven otherwise. I mean, I’ve kinda always been a skeptical person but there are people out there who act like every viral video is a fucking conspiracy.
To put it another way…we all know this person: He’s funny, but he’s always “on”. This is a guy who’s never not a sarcastic prick. It gets to the point with this person where you pretty much can never have a normal conversation cause every word they say is so smothered is sarcasm that you don’t know which way is up. This person could tell you their parents were just killed in a horrible accident and you’d just nod , waiting for the punchline. These people also tend to the most insecure people alive but that’s besides the point. Funny as they are, after a while, these types become intolerable. What I’m saying here is that Viral videos have become that guy.
Bothtalking to people like this and watching youtube becomes a game of
“Is he serious?”
“I dunno…I wish he’d just give it to me straight sometimes.”

It’s like reading fucking a Ouija board trying to figure out a motherfuckers intentions. So, in a way, as much as I love viral videos, I also think they are the smug, sarcastic prick of the internet. At least they’re entertaining though and no one will ever take the title of “worst person/thing on the internet” from “anonymous shitty comment leavers on youtube”. They got that shit on lock.

Things that are wrong with the world Part 14

I don’t even know where to start with this one.

Listen, we all know the “pull out” method is not only 100% safe, but it’s also what any good doctor recommends as the highest tier in birth control methods. This is a scientific fact , much like the earth being flat and that Jesus appears in taco shells to let you know “Sup dude, i’m coming back…sometimes sooooon!.” However, sometimes god plants little miracles regardless of science and people actually get pregnant from this seemingly fool-proof method of contraception. It’s times like this when one might be pushed to say “Don’t cum in me”. Hell, they might even make a song about it. That man is the delightfully original rapper “Young Ray”. (I give him originality props simply for spelling ”Young” Right).
Here, Ray crafts and thrilling tale of the girl who he came in , even though she asked him not to, but still kinda wanted him to. Riveting shit.

Ok, now in all seriousness, how fucking dumb do you have to be to simply not pull out? We’ve all had unprotected sex with some girl who’s not on the pill (right?). It’s the first thing you do (after fucking). Hell, I’ve dated girls who were on the pill who I never came inside simply cause you can enver be to safe. Herpes may be forever but babies cost a lot more. The funny thing is that , considering the pull out method is fairly risky even when you do pull out (pre-cum Yall!), the added smugness of simply not giving a fuck and dropping that load in the girl is like a slap in the face…to her ovaries…with jizz.

I have a friend who was telling me about how he was fucking some girl and just “forgot” to pull out. He also thinks his sperm is rotten so he doesn’t really worry about knocking girls up. But “forgetting”? I don’t care how hot and intense the sex is, the whole “I’m gonna bust a nut!” should immediately trigger a follow up thought of “where is this nut gonna go?”. The answer should be a resounding “Not in her vagina”. Trust me, she’ll appreciate it. not only cause, you know, it lessens the chances of her getting preggo and possibly having an unwanted baby/abortion BUT it also will make the clean up a lot easier. Any girl will tell you a quick wipe off with a tissue is much nicer than that awkward “I’m leakin’!” walk they take to the bathroom while trying to avoid the load slithering down their legs.

So, if you’re young and reading this, wear a condom. Or , if you hate condoms and feel invincible, fuck a girl on the Pill. But, don’t ever bust a nut in a girl when you don’t have to. That’s just being an idiot for the sake of being an idiot.

Things that are wrong in the world part 13

This weeks target is something I’ve touched on many times before. It’s the talentless artist who thinks he’s special. This fucking guy…
When I first saw this, I thought it was a parody skit by Rob Dyrdek. I mean, shit, the dude is basically a terrible pop music version of Dyrdek minus a skateboard.
This dude described his music in 7 words:
Makin’ art, yo!
What he doesn’t realize is that he’s pretty much the musical version of Aziz Ansari’s RAAAAAANDY character.
The only difference is that Raaaaandy is a joke and this guy is 100% serious. Shit like this is the hackiest of all hack material. I doubt this dude even likes music in general, let alone gives a shit about his actual product.
Just a few things of note in this video:
1)Hype man tryouts…how do they work?
I guess it’s come to this . Trying out dudes to be on stage with you to yell “Say Hoeeeeeeee!” while you sing wimpy pop songs to a crowd of people waiting for Flo Rida to come on. DOPE.
2)at 6:19, peep the unrequited fist bump from his new hype man. I dunno why it was so satisfying for me to watch but seeing that dipshit left hanging on his cornball pound really felt good, man.
3)Watching the dude argue with the woman who’s trying to make his live performance better is just excruciating. She’s obviously right and, even more importantly, she realizes he’s a talentless cock sucker and is trying to make a chocolate milkshake out of diarrhea by even working with this herb

So , yeah, fuck this dude and anyone on the planet like him. Unfortunately , it’s asshole’s like him who do eventually make it. Good job, earth!