Song of the day 11/19/10

Hoes By Yo-Yo Feat. Threat
One thing I always appreciated about Yo-Yo is that she was down to do those awesome “Man Vs. Woman” songs on pretty much every album. Whether it was with Threat or Ice Cube they always made for entertaining results. Even if she somehow unrealistically came out on top on every song, I can’t be mad.
As a bonus to todays “song of the day”, I’ll throw in Ice Cube’s verse I edited from the song “What Can I do?” Of Yo-Yo’s debut album. Her verses sucked but Cubes shit on this is hilarious.

Song of the day 3/28/10


4-Deep By Threat
Threat certainly slipped under the radar when he came out. After killing it on Ice Cube’s posse cut “Color Blind”, he dropped an album in 1993 around the same time as Kam and the Da Lench Mob. He was part of the new generation of west coast “gangsta rappers” who actually stood for something beyond the typical gun talk. This was obviously the influence of Ice Cube and it made for some pretty great music.
I heard a story a while back from a guy who worked at the label that released “Sickinnahead” that , right before they were about to start recording the album, Threat’s car was stolen. Inside that car were all the rhymes he had written for this album, Turns out he had to rewrite everything from memory and/or just write new shit. Time was of the essence i suppose , so, he was forced to record this whole album in 2 weeks, new rhymes and all. Whatever he did, I think he came out of it fine. “Sickinnahead” is a pretty solid album and still holds up today.