Throwaway files vol 5. 2.0: The final installment

Well, this is it. I’ve now done about 20 volumes of these free, old, lost beats and I’ve officially run out of them. This will be the final installment for the foreseeable future.
In case you have no clue what I’m talking about, these are old beats I never used that , for some reason or another, never made it to the show. The minor leagues , if you will. If you’ve enjoyed these, do a search on my blog for more of them and they will overtake your entire I-tunes library.

Here you go:

Also, since I’ve been doing these, I get tons of emails of people asking me if they may use these. Well, yes and no. If you have no plans of ever selling the music you make (be it a demo tape or a mixtape you hand out to friends) then feel free to use them for whatever you like. Otherwise, it’s a no go. Also, just cause you use them doesn’t mean I really wanna hear the outcome. No offense or anything but I get sent links of all sorts to peoples music all the time and I’ve simply vowed to not listen to any of it. Just to be fair. But , also, cause 98% of it is god awful and I don’t have the patience. This is not a swipe at anyone who’s sent me stuff in the last year or so , as I’ve been not listening to demo’s since the early 2000’s. I’m not an A&R or a record label. I cannot help anyone.
Annnnnyway, I hope you enjoy these. Also…you may know I have a new album out. So, after all these free mediocre beats, why don’t you go buy some full fledged good ones!

Throwaway files 2.0 Volume 4

Well, it’s about that time again. Here are 15 more beats I never used for some reason or another. If you like these, do a search for more on this blog. There are about 15 volumes of shit just like this…all for free.

Anyway, Enjoy!

Special shout out to Phat Friend reader Enkeling for the art work above and on the mp3’s.
Check his site for more:

Throwaway files 2.0 vol. 3

Here’s another installment of the beats that got away. These are all older tracks I made between 2001-2010 that, for some reason of another, were never used and now are just past the point of something I’d wanna put out. So, instead of letting them collect dust , I’mma give them to you for free.
When I’m gone…speak of me fondly.

Also, there are TONS more of these on the blog so, if you like, just enter “throwaway files” into the search function and download your dick off. They’re all free

Throwaway files the return! Vol. 2

Here’s another installment of free music. I know you guys like free things. In case you don’t know what these tracks are, let me briefly explain. These are all beats i made between 2004-2010 that , for some reason or another, never go used. Don’t ask why, just accept that their time has passed and now they belong to you. You may freestyle to them, dance to them, cry to them, yell at them or just listen to them. whatever you want…just don’t put them on your album cause you will get sued. Not by me…but by the people I sampled. Trust me, you want no part of that.
Anyway, enjoy!

If you like stuff like this, enter the terms “Throwaway files” into the search option on this page. There are over 13 more volumes of shit like this download from this site. Go nuts.

Throwaway files: The return!

A while back I did 13 volumes of beats I made years ago and couldn’t use for one reason or another. In case you missed them and have a spare external hard drive laying around, have at it:

Anyway, I’ve recently been dumping tons of old beats from Floppy disks on to my computer and I realized a good amount of them are not useable. Either they’re too old, to sample heavy or they’ve just been laying around so long I’d rather not put them out at this point in my career. So, because I’m nothing if not a giver, I figure I’d give them away in 5 new volumes here on my blog over the next month or so.
These beats were all made in the last 7 years, some as recent as a few years ago. You may feel free to do whatever you want with them short of releasing them as your own beats or using them for a song. Which basically means you can use them to listen to, freestyle over, or record demos that you only plan on playing for your friends and family. Sounds like a deal? DEAL.
So, here ya go…Volume one of round two of the Throwaway files.

Throwaway files Vol. 13: THE FINAL EDITION!

Here it is. The Last volume in my series of lost and forgotten beats.
If you’ve missed any, go here
Anyway, it’s been fun and I hope you either enjoyed some of these, got a good laugh at some of them or even just got to appreciate a little look inside of the creative process and artistic growth.
Here ya go. Enjoy: