Throwaway files Vol. 7

The hits keep comin’. As well as the all out misses.
Here’s is volume 7 of my ongoing series of beats I made a long time ago that will only see the light of day in one fashion: free giveaway. Get’em while they’re hot.

LoDeck has a go at my Throwaway files.

I’m on Volume 5 on my “Throwaway Files” series (Vol. 6 coming next week) and my old friend and great rapper LoDeck has taken it upon himself to record on some of those tracks. In fact, he recorded a whole short little album with them and named it “Fresh Boris of Bensonhurst 2: The mini-bar, mini concoctions for maximum impact”. It was all recorded at his crib and isn’t super great quality but that’s kinda the point for things like this.
I don’t wanna give it all away cause it’s gonna be for sale at some point. so, instead. here’s a brief sampler
1)Fresh boris of Bensonhurst
2)i-T!! (Movin’ in the chorus)
3)Inferno is 2 rooms
4)Nunchucks (bad man)

For more info on LoDeck, peep his website:

Throwaway files Vol. 5

Yet again, another volume. Collect them all. I got about 7 or so more of these volumes so, you know, this train don’t stop any time soon.
Upon re-listening to some of these old tracks, one thing stands out: I was a HUGE fan of all things flutey.
but, as my man Aesop once described it “Elf-life has shelf-life”. You can’t really argue with that.
What What , in the butt:

Throwaway files part 4

Here is #4 of my “throwaway files” series. Again, these are all beats I made between 94-2002. These are all “throwaway’s” cause they’re either Too old, I lost the disks they were saved on, The samples i used are too famous or i simply don’t think they’re that good.
Whatever the case, enjoy.

also, if you missed any of the others:

Throwaway files Part 3


Here is part three of the never ending series. Just to refresh your memory, these are a collection of beats i made between 94-2002ish. Most of them are either not saved , too old to use or simply not that good. But , they are an interesting look into the past that I figure a few of you msuic nerds will appreciate. I do it for you!!!!!

Here goes:
Throwaway files part 3

EDIT: So mediafire seems to be shut down right now. this sucks cause pretty much all the links i have of mixes on this whole blog are on mediafire. hopefully, this will be resolved so i don’t have to re-up every link i’ve ever done.
anyway, here’s a new link for this particular file:

Throwaway files Vol 1.

I recently found a bunch of old beat tapes (literally cassettes). I hadn’t listened to any of that stuff in over 5/6 years and thought it would be cool to digitalize them. All these beats are either not saved or past the point where i would/could put them out. Included on these cassettes were the first beats I ever made. They date back to around 94/95 before i even had a sampler of my own. My homeboy Kasm (formally of the Atoms family) had just bought a MPC so i would go over there with samples and we’d make beats. this continued till about late 95 when i finally got my own sampler. While it was nice to have my own equipment , the difference in quality between what I was doing and what Kasm and I were doing was noticeable to say the least. in short, my solo beats sucked…for a long time. Not realizing this at the time i recorded everything i made and kept plugging away at it. it’s a good thing i did cause i’d very likely be working some shitty minimum wage job had i not.
so, with that, i give you “throwaway files Vol. 1”. it’s 16 random beats i made between 95-2003 that will never be used or heard in any other way. i chose these 16 randomly from about 175 tracks. the only one i picked specifically was the first beat i ever made (with kasm). it’s pretty bad but still crazy to hear after all these years. if you guys are into this kinda shit, lemme know and i’ll post more as this blog progresses.
I just figured those of you who are into beats and the beat making process (nerds) would be curious of how my beats have progressed over the years.
Download Link: