Tim and I discuss music and stuff: The final installment

169th FW Deploys to Afghanistan
Well, all good things come to an end. Tim and I have decided to call it a wrap on this little column cause, well, we loathe each other and he fucked my girl. Just kidding. To be honest, it just seems like we’ve said all we can say. By now, it’s clear I do not like heavy metal or most indie rock and tim hates the Beatles and Stevie Wonder.
So, as our swan song, we’re trying something a little different. A “best three videos of the year” close out. It was only right…cause, you know, the year is ending and shit.
So bon voyage! It’s been real.

Tim and I discuss music Vol. 54

This week, Tim AKA Alaska and I discuss the videos of The Step Brothers, I like science as well as some Vintage and fairly embarrassing old Mos Def music. We both subject each other to terrible music with awesome videos except I get accused of having shitty taste in rock cause I don’t like 1 straight minute of discordant noise. Not fair ,bro! My ears don’t lie!

Tim and I discuss music and stuff Vol. 53

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This week Tim AKA Alaska and I discuss the videos of Kanye (couldn’t ignore it…), Cannibal corpse and Lord finesse.
This is a pretty tame week as, at times, it seems like Tim and I are testing the others boundaries with out picks. Well, we are. Cause that’s that’ what friends do, guys.

Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 52

52 weeks makes a year, right? So this is officially our first anniversary. It feels just like yesterday, Tim AKA ALsaka and Iw ere on these very same internet tubes making fun of celebrities in “trending topics”…my, how we’ve grown…
This week, we discuss videos by Drake, AG and Bill Withers

Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 51

This week, Tim aka Alaska and I discuss new/old videos by Roc Marciano, Hello Phones and a clip from Mr. Show that every rap fan should witness.
Tim doesn’t like Roc and I don’t care about Hello Phones…but other than that, it seems we’ve reached a nirvana like agreement on all other things. I bet you didn’t know but this column is written every week in a steam room while we sit cross legged across the room from one another, wearing only hand towels. That might explain some things…

Tim and I discuss music and stuff Vol. 50

This week, Tim AKA Alaska and I discuss the music of The Beatnuts, Dum dum girls and an truly unfortunate song by DMX and Rakim.
We’ve now done 50 of these fucking things and this week might be the closest we’ve ever come to agreeing on all the songs. Which really just lets us all know that it’s never too late to fall in love.

Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 49

This week, Tim AKA Alaska discuss the music of Miley and some rappers, Tony Castles and Natasha Kmeto
One thing of note, Tim claims that anyone who doesn’t think “Buhloone Mindstate” is the best De La Soul album is “an asshole or art student”…I’d like to say that I’m neither of those things and think “De la Soul is dead” is far superior. So, to all you non-asshole/art students who feel slighted by Tim’s words, you are not alone. I won’t let the mean man hurt anymore.

Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 48

This week, Tim and I discuss the music of Faith No more, Necro/Kool G rap and the Ultramagnetic MC’s. I also further my quest to let everyone know how much I truly hate cats…cause I really , really do. While Tim agrees with me, I’m not totally sure he actually watched the video judging from his reaction. It should unite us, not divide us.

Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 45

This week Tim AKA Alaska and I talk about videos by new comers Tone Oliver,White Denim and The Midnight Show. So, if you like hearing new shit, this is your week. Tim also reiterates his off base hate of Stevie wonder (Do you hate pizza too?) and loses all blackwatch privileges by shitting on the X-Clan. Don’t you know I’m an honorary member , bro!?!? (I’m not even kidding…read about that HERE)
Other than that though, we’re pretty copacetic. Which is nice.