Trending topics vol 100 AKA THE END

(Oh, whattup Tiger Woods niece, wanna make out? Cool.)
This is it. This is the last one of these we’re doing. I can say, from the bottom of my heart, thank fucking god. Both Alaska and I have been brain farting our opinions on the googling whims of middle america for almost two years now and it can finally be put to rest.
Just to recap the last two years:
Kim kardashian is a piece of shit
Miley Cyrus does things
famous people die
Sports happen
famous people get divorced
Scientists discover things
America is as dumb as ever

That about covers it…So, without further ado, here is the final installment of “trending topics”

Also, fear not , those few of you who might actually miss this weekly article, Alaska and I will be back soon with a whole new program. Stay tuned…the judging and complaining has just begun.

Trending topics vol. 99

This week, Alaska and i discuss Sports, politics and no hot girls. This puts me in a shitty position cause I am forced to make up a hot girl for my header pic. So, I googled “hot girl” and this was the first thing that popped up. It’s fine by me.
Also, this is the second to last one of these trending topics we will be doing. I for one can’t wait for it to be over so I can stop paying attention to the “news” completely.

Trending topics vol. 89

This week, Alaska and I discuss sports only a Klansman could love, Demi Lovato’s stupid hair and Mike Tyson on Broadway. Still waiting on that 4th horseman so we can call this world a wrap.
Also, not gonna lie, I dunno how old Lovato is. I hope she’s over 18 cause she’s the only girl in the trending topics so she get’s the header pic. My apologies if she’s 12 years old.