Pick a song, Any song!

Every now and then I like to test the temperature of what you guys are feelings out there. I randomly collect 8 songs I’m fucking with and see what you like best…via the power of voting. Yes, it’s a democracy up in this bitch.
So, without saying anything about the songs or trying to sway your votes with my opinions, i present your options.
All I ask is that you give every song a chance and don’t vote based on a name or cause you assume what you may or may not like the best and don’t even need to check the rest. Also, you may vote for more than one song. Have at it…
Danny Brown-When it Rain

Ugly Frank- Bum Liquor

Bodega Bams-All Eyez off me

Your Old Droog- White rappers

Subcontractors- Throwaway Pistols

DJ JS 1 Feat Breeze Bruin, Homeboy Sandman and Kyle raps- 110 percent

Clams Casino Ft. Vince Staples- All Nite

Marv won-Monkey Business

Yay or Nay: Ugly Frank

I got mixed feelings about this one. Well, not personally. I know I like it. But I have a feeling most of you might not feel the same way. I’m basing this entirely on past “yay or nay” rappers I’ve posted who rap a certain way about certain things. Basically, the less nerdy the rapper, the less you guys seem to like him. In the case of Tacoma Washington’s Ugly Frank , he is not that nerd. but he’s also not really a get the partty started thug either. Not even close. He’s a quick fire , talk shit about his bitches , mention his cars type of relentless kinda rapper. He’s part of a group called ILLFIGHTYOU and he recently released his first solo ep called “The Bobby Hill EP”.
Beats wise, I found his music to be somewhere between synthy cloud rap stuff, G-funk and some double time southern type style. Whatever it is, it’s interesting when coupled with his pin point flow. Here are some examples…

So, what do you think?