Animals eating animals

So, I’m a sucker for shows where people go places and eat stuff. The weirder the better. While I prefer “No reservations” over “Bizarre foods” , both are a good time in my book.
I’m what you’d call a semi-adventorous eater. I draw the line with some things but , for the most part, I’m always down to take a trip to stuff my face. Watching these shows often takes me to a place a few steps out my comfort zone. These guys eat foods I’d maybe attempt to taste but never order (except tripe…fuck tripe…I will not put that shit in my mouth). I dunno what it is but I am thoroughly entertained by watching other people eat. Perhaps it’s that I simply love food THAT much.

I recently ran into an old friend of mine who I probably hadn’t seen in like 9 or 10 years. To be honest, I had no idea what he was doing in life and we just sorta shot the shit in a bar one night and that was that. He friended me on Facebook a few days later and he kept posting these videos called “Animals eating Animals”. I tend to ignore most things people post of Facebook but I was a little curious one day and I peeped. Turns out he’s got a video series where he and a friend go around NYC eating crazy shit. Well, color me interested. The video’s are cool, put together really well and the food is bugged. I figured this would be as good a place as any to share them with you.
If you’re into this kinda shit, like their Facebook page cause they do new ones every few weeks or so and update them there. It’s also a good guide for people visiting NYC who may want to try some crazy meals why you’re here. Get you’re pig’s head on in style…
Anyway, here’s the videos they’ve posted thus far. Prepare to either get hungry or be totally disgusted…I’m somewhere in the middle.

Animals Eating Animals: Episode 1 from on Vimeo.

Animals Eating Animals: Episode 2 from on Vimeo.

Animals Eating Animals: Episode 3 from on Vimeo.

I believe a new one actually drops later today to keep an eye out for it. Hooray for food.

New video by Illogic and me!

Here’s a new video for the song “Poster boy” off of the “Preparing for capture” EP I did with illogic. If you don’t have it already, go download it…it’s free.

Also, I’d like to announce that we will be releasing another free EP
“Preparing for capture part 2” on September 4th! Whoop whoop!

Some video’s I’m enjoying

I don’t have much to write about this week so it would seem like now is the perfect time to just throw up some clips I’ve been watching over the last few weeks. Who doesn’t like videos? An asshole…that’s who.

Let’s start it off with two parts of a hilarious exchange between Danny Drown and ASAP Rocky.
These two need a podcast or something

Moving right along…Do you like watching fat middle aged men cut shit in half with swords? Of course you do. Stick around for the end cause him cutting a pig in half is pretty awesome.

Trust me, all you up and comers need this

Here’s a clip of one man band Gull from Wreckroom records. This dude is pretty fucking amazing.

Lastly, I give you Black Jesus. Aaron Macgruder (Creator of the BoonDocks)has something to do with this but I’m not sure what. Funny shit, regardless

New video by Illogic and me! “Caffeine Budget”.

Coming June 5th! The “Preparing for capture” ep by Illogic and myself. Above is the second video from it.
The Ep will be free but we’re selling a deluxe version with 2 bonus tracks and a poster, you can pre-order it right now
For more, here are some words from Illogic:

It’s been a long time coming….Blockhead and I have been working on music for the past 2 years trying to discover what our sound is going to be. We have worked hard to really try to find our own identity as a duo and not to try recreate what I’ve done with other producers and what he has done with other artists. We have pumped out a ton of quality music and have been talking about when the right time was to share some of our hard work with you the people that we do it for in the first place. We the time has come. For me personally this release is probably the most rewarding of my career because of all of the work that I have put into this project. Not only the writing of the songs, but the completing of the project from conception to completion makes proud that I could share this experience with Blockhead and now with you This is the first of a series all leading to our album “Capture the Sun” so keep a look out for part two coming really soon. I hope that you enjoy listening to this as much as we did creating it. Thank you for your continued support.

A bunch of stuff…Music, clips, and other things

Instead of making 5 little posts, I’ll just save us all some time and condense all these goodies into one entry. I know how busy you are. You’re welcome.

To start things off…The new Sir Jarlsberg video. This time, our hero goes to see “Wizards” play basketball. He’s pretty bummed out when he learns that these Wizards are actually just really tall, normal men…but it all works out in the end.

Secondly, here’s a link to a new song I did with my boy Selfsays. I like it. It’s fun. Perfect for the upcoming summer. Peep it:

Next, My homeboy Dj Pawl of Hangar 18 has been working on a documentary (that I actually took part in and gave music too) about what happens to rappers when they grow up. The problem is, he needs a little money to finish it. So, here’s a preview of what you might be seeing with a touch of Kickstarter thrown in.

Here’s an interview I did for the “Shape of things” podcast. It’s long and thorough. Just like you like it. Also, admire how fucking fast I talk. Micro machine status.

Lastly, this is not a common thing for this blog but I figured I’d throw it out there…
I recently heard this rock group called The Skins. It’s basically a band of high school students from NYC. Most of them are actually related. Anyway, it’s some straight up rock shit but I have a feeling, in the next few years, these people are going to be extremely famous. So, if for no other reason, check it out so you can say “Oh shit, I remember when blockhead posted about them 3 years ago! He’s must be a magical truth teller from the future!!”…also, this lead singer can sing her ass off.

Here’s another song for download:

Sir Jarlsberg: A wonderful wonderful River (Video)

Here’s a new Sir Jarlsberg video. This was done for WreckRoom records. The same people who did this with my group The Mighty Jones a few weeks back.

This video is a performance video of one of my favorite Sir Jarlsberg songs and it’s also , very subtly, one of the creepier things I’ve ever seen. Sir Jarlsberg + A bathtub = some ill shit.
If you’ve been into all this Sir Jarlsberg stuff I’ve been posting (AS YOU SHOULD!), he’s playing his first show this thursday (4/5/12) at Piano’s in NYC. I think he goes on at 11. Come through. There will be props, puppets and maidens.

The Mighty Jones: An in studio video

The Mighty Jones is a group made up of myself, Singer Joanna Erdos, guitarist/bassist Damien Paris and guitarist/bassist Jeremy Gibson. A while back I posted some demo’s we made for download.

We recently did a little video of us recording at Wreckroom records Studios.

The song “The spell” is one of the newer joints we’ve been working on and hope to release in the near future. Figured I’d throw it up here cause , you know, you motherfuckers should hear it, right?

Wreckroom records is the brainchild of actor Adrian Grenier. It’s basically a studio in his crib where he let’s all his friends record. So far he’s recorded all sorts of acts…to peep those, check out the website for more performance videos like the one above: